Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 7/17/14 – 7/22/14

Hey guys,

What can I say? Plenty of good music last week. Plenty more this week. Come on down and see the talent and camaraderie in the music scene downtown. There are so many bands to listen to, something for everyone’s tastes. Lately, I have noticed that our punk scene seems to be growing. There are several local punk bands that I that I try to catch whenever I can, and I am seeing more out of town punk acts lately. Interestingly, I have seen three female-fronted punk bands in the last couple of weeks. The punk show on Friday looks like it could be a fun affair. I have not seen them, but I am also looking forward to the Barrelhouse show on Saturday, Major & The Monbacks. I always enjoy a big band, and this is an 8-piece band from Norfolk. Here are those shows and more of my recommendations for shows downtown this weekend.

Thursday 17th
The Jauntee (4-piece psychedelic-jazzbluesfunk from Boston) – Barrelhouse South
TimeCop vs DangerSnake (Matt and Zac from the Accomplices) – Molly MacPherson’s
Velvet Caravan (amazing gypsy-jazz band from Savannah) – Lucas Theater

Friday 18th
Danielle Hicks & The 8-Ohm BandRail Pub (6p)
City HotelBlowin’ Smoke (7-9:30, all ages)
American HologramMoon River (6-9p, all ages)
Matt Wixon’s Flying Circus (Detroit punk), Wave Slaves (Savannah surf-rock), Cbj (Detroit ska-punk) – The Jinx ($6)
Kota Mundi (Savannah reggae) – Molly MacPherson’s
Mystery Men?, Mensa Bullies, MoonbaseWormhole (surf-punk, $donations)
Versatile (dance, R&B) – Congress Street Social Club
KidSyc@Brandywine (Savannah rap) – Ampersand (12mn, $5)

Saturday 19th
Cocker Spaniels, Real Live Tigers (Austin bluesy) – Graveface (7p, all ages)
Major & The Monbacks (8-piece garage soul from Norfolk) – Barrelhouse South
Omingnome, Wet Socks, Crazy Bag LadyAmpersand
Salt Flats (Athens rock), Darnell Boys (Athens county, blues, R&B) – The Jinx
Aquaducks (Nashville funk/jam/reggae, with saxaphone) – Congress Street Social Club

Tuesday 22nd
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy

Wednesday 23
Thomas Wynn & The Believers (Orlando soulful rock n’ blues), Black Cadillacs (blues-rock from Knoxville) – The Jinx (9p, $10)