Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 7/3/14 – 7/8/14

Hey guys,
Another weekend is in the books. I saw some really good music out this past week, I hope you caught some too.

I enjoyed Omingnome and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band @ Barrelhouse South, caught a few girl punk bands (Sharkmuffin @ Hang Fire and Coathangers @ Jinx), and even jumped in the mosh pit for a few minutes at the Coathangers show. There are lots of good shows coming up in the next few days.

I am especially looking forward to another installment in the Thursday Night Opry at Trinity Church. Thursday’s show features many of my favorite bands, City Hotel, American Hologram, and the Cusses (note the Oxford comma Bill). If you have not caught one of the previous Opry shows, I would really make an effort to catch this one. It is a family-friendly event, has an early start time (7:30p), and is reasonably priced ($10, goes to the Church Fund). And you can tell your mom you went to church this week!

There are also lots of early shows on Friday, I tried to list all of them, even though I probably won’t be able to make all of them. Many of them are at all-ages venues (Starland show, River Street, Foxy Loxy Cafe, and Blowin’ Smoke) and most are free, although a dollar or two in the tip bucket (if they have one) would be appreciated. The River Street Independence Day Celebration this weekend features several bands, including the Hypnotics on Friday night. I always enjoy seeing their garage rock covers and originals. I find that they are a band who appeals to young and old alike. Saturday’s show at Congress Street Social Club (Ultraviolet Hippopotamus) promises to be another highlight of the weekend. As always, I would recommend to get out to a show or two (or 13) this weekend. It’s good for your soul.

Thursday 7/3/14
City Hotel, American Hologram, CussesTrinity Church (7:30, $10)
Eric Culberson (blues) – Bayou Cafe
TimeCop vs DangerSnake – Molly MacPherson’s

Friday 7/4/14
Jason Bible (of the Train Wrecks) – Jinx Happy Hour (6-8p)
Xuluprophet, Shapes & Their Names, KidSycStarland Art March (6-9p)
Those Cats (R&B) – River Street (6p)
Waits & Co. (americana) – Foxy Loxy (7-10p)
RosiesBlowin’ Smoke (7p)
HypnoticsRiver Street (8p)
Bottles & Cans (blues) – Forsyth Mansion (9p)
Zac Deputy (looped guitars) – Barrelhouse South
Sunshine & Bullets (hard rock from Tampa) – Wormhole

Saturday 7/5/14
Train WrecksRail Pub (3-6p)
Clouds & SatellitesBlowin’ Smoke (7p)
Drivin & Cryin, Thomas Claxton & The MythCoachs Corner ($20, 7pm)
Radio Birds (Atlanta rock) – River Street (8p)
Ambrose (R&B), American Hologram (americana) – Barrelhouse South
Ultraviolet HippopotamusCongress Street Social Club
Savagist (Athens metal), Heathen Bastard (sludge from Florence) – Jinx
Chiffon (R&B), Abudu Ali (rap) – Hang Fire

Sunday 7/6/14
Charlie Fog (music of the Grateful Dead) – Moon River (4-7p)
Steppin’ Stones (classic rock) – Wild Wing Courtyard (5:30 – 9:00)
Bottles & CansBlowin’ Smoke

Monday 7/7/14
White Gold, DIP, FairyteethGraveface Records (5:30!!!)

Tuesday 7/8/14
CancersGraveface Records
Jeremy RiddleFoxy Loxy Cafe (8-11p)