big metal show in Savannah ends on a sour note

According to posts on the Facebook event page for SMP B-Day Bash w/ EYEHATEGOD, RINGWORM + Others [event page was removed on evening of 6/22], the key promoter for Savannah Metal-Punx disappeared before the end of the show and none of the bands got paid.

One post begins: “So you have a “birthday bash” for yourself, pocket all the money you were supposed to pay the bands, ditch the show, and then delete your personal Facebook page…….”

Another post reads: “My jaw dropped last night when we found out that the promoter bolted with all of the cash. I think I can speak for most of the bands, when I say we drove a long way to be there, and were relying on that money to make it home. The Day of the Beast, still had fun, made some new friends, fans and we’d totally play there again because we realize that that one asshat isn’t a reflection of the scene in Savannah. Also, props to Eyehategod for stepping up and still playing for everyone, despite fact they were screwed out of the guarantee.”

Savannah Metal-Punx had a personal Facebook account, which has been deleted. The Savannah Metal Punx Facebook Page is still up, but that site has never been used as much as the personal timeline.

UPDATE: Multiple sources — including another post on the Facebook event invitation — are identifying the promoter as Floyd Lionel. That’s the same name as the organizer quoted in Do in the Savannah Morning News before the show. UPDATE 2: Dead Yet? has posted a pic of Lionel.

As of this writing, I do not see any posts on the participating bands’ Facebook pages about last night’s show. I do not know any details about what bands were guaranteed or promised. Dollhouse Productions was providing the venue and running sound, but was not involved in booking, band contracts, etc.

The Jinx on Congress Street has been a metal hotbed for over a decade now. Let’s hope that some of these acts get in touch with the club the next time they’re headed this way.

Tom Cartmel will be posting some photos from the daylong event. He says the sets were great. Kudos to all the bands, especially those who played as scheduled even after realizing that there was a problem.

UPDATE 3: Dollhouse Productions is planning a fundraising show to benefit all who lost money. (Like the bands, Dollhouse was apparently not paid either.) We will keep you posted on those plans. UPDATE 4: It looks like Dollhouse’s fundraiser to support the bands that got stiffed will be on 7/11.

UPDATE 4, 6/23: As of early morning on 6/23, the Savannah Metal-Punx personal Facebook page is back up. Lionel says in a new post that he suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder and that his actions Saturday night were part of a “mental breakdown.” Respondents so far are more than skeptical. Until money gets into the hands of bands, I suspect that skepticism will continue.

UPDATE 5: According to Joshua Peacock’s ongoing coverage for Do in the Savannah Morning News, at least one band has been paid. The Day of the Beast said on their Facebook page that the band had received their guarantee via PayPal.

UPDATE 6: This is getting lame and tiresome, huh? (If it wasn’t already.) Holly Hunt has reported being paid their guarantee. Ringworm also indicates that things were “worked out”.

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