EYEHATEGOD, Ringworm, Enabler, Shroud Eater, Holly Hunt + more at The Dollhouse Saturday – preview

Here’s the deal: if you are into metal in any way, shape, or form, you should be at The Dollhouse Saturday night. The lineup is absolutely packed with bands ranging from thrash to doom to black to drone to metalcore to stoner to whatever other subgenre you want to make up. Well, probably not too much glam or hair metal, but most corners of extreme metal will be showcased at Savannah Metal Punx’s Birthday BBQ Bash. Expect lots of black tee shirts, jeans for some reason (it’s Savannah in the summer, yo), tattoos, pits (both BBQ and mosh!), and tons and tons of heavy, awesome music. EYEHATEGOD alone should be enough to get you off the couch and to The Dollhouse, but let’s look at the whole lineup.

EYEHATEGOD. New Orleans sludge metal pioneers. If you go to Kylesa and Black Tusk shows, and I know you do, because I saw you there, you should see this band. Period. Their influence is stamped directly on the Savannah Swamp/Sludge metal sound. Slow, sludgey, and Southern as hell. Check out their video for Medicine Noose from their recent self titled release EYEHATEGOD (duh).

Ringworm. Metalcore/thrash/hardcore from Cleveland. You’d sound this pissed off too if you lived in Cleveland. Just kidding, Cleveland, Henry Rollins sweated on me and I watched Michael Jordan crush the Cavaliers in Cleveland, and those were good times. Anyway, check out Ringworm with Used Up, Spit Out. Bonus: the singer’s nickname is The Human Furnace. Awesome.

Enabler. D-Beat/metalcore/thrash out of Milwaukee. While a lot of metalcore has become cliched, or maybe a bit of a joke, that is certainly not the case with Enabler. This is great, crushing stuff that has evolved and is more than a little worthy of your metal ear. Stereogum has a full stream of their warmly reviewed album La Fin Absolue Du Monde (translated from French: “the absolute end of the world”).

Shroud Eater. Miami doom. Seriously, how do all of these amazing metal bands come out of Miami? I saw Shroud Eater at a way underattended Wormhole show and came away way impressed. You will be, too, after Saturday. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Check out Tempest. Soooo good.

Holly Hunt. Instrumental Doom/Drone. More crushing stuff from Miami. I thought The Wormhole might cave in when this two piece(!!!) played their set after Shroud Eater. Ex-Floor, and I know you guys like Floor, because I saw you at that show, too. HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY. Watch them play Maraschino at Miami’s Churchill’s.

Iron Man. Classic doom from Baltimore. That name sound familiar? Yep, they started as a Black Sabbath tribute band but morphed into a classic doom band themselves. That’s pretty damn cool. Check out their tunes on their Facebook page.

The Day of the Beast. Death/Blackened Thrash out of Virginia that are into all of those things that your mother warned you about. Here’s The Day of the Beast, the band and the song.

Finally, the locals:

Coastlines. Hardcore/Metalcore straight out of the Hostess City that really has a strong following. I’m looking forward to finally checking them out. Very cool video for Shiver.

Pridemeat. Thrash/Metalcore also from Savannah. Flooded the ballot box to jump on the bill when Ectovoid dropped off. Good for them. Now we’ll see what they’ve got going. Here’s their demo on Facebook.

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