hard work + good times = Crazy Bag Lady signing with Retro Futurist

In my Unplugged column in Do for the Savannah Morning News this week, I write about Hang Fire’s 8th birthday party, which is coming up — fittingly — on Friday the 13th.

Toward the end, I mention that Hang Fire has become an incubator of sorts for aggressive young Savannah bands that need to hone their sounds and their live shows. Wet Socks, a regular at Hang Fire before drummer John Zimmerman jetted overseas for a few months of work (true story!), played routinely at Hang Fire in late 2013 — and the duo ended up signing with Retro Futurist, the label operated by core members of Kylesa. It was good to see the label bring Wet Socks’ garage rock into the fold alongside the heavier stuff they’re producing.

I didn’t know when I wrote that column that Retro Futurist has also picked up Crazy Bag Lady, a young punk band that we’ve been covering for months here at hissing lawns.

Check out Joshua Peacock’s excellent cover story about Crazy Bag Lady in Do, and the band has lots more upcoming gigs, including Friday’s party at Hang Fire with COEDS and lots of other surprises.

Here’s one of Tom’s shots of Crazy Bag Lady a couple months ago at Hang Fire: