Black Tusk, Bear Fight!, and Bask at The Jinx – photos

Saturday night’s show at The Jinx was exactly what I expected it to be, a room full of familiar faces, lots of PBR and Wild Turkey to lubricate the crowd, and great sets from Bask, Bear Fight! and Black Tusk. Well, the a cappella Fleetwood Mac cover that Bask opened with was a little unexpected, but other than that just a run of the mill fantastic metal/rock (I’m not super sure how to classify Bear Fight, or Bask for that matter?) show.

Also unsurprising: I took a bunch of pictures, most of which are after the jump.


Bear Fight-5

Black Tusk-4

Bear Fight-4

Bear Fight-3

Bear Fight-2

Bear Fight-1

Black Tusk-1

Black Tusk-2

Black Tusk-3

Black Tusk-5

Black Tusk-6

Black Tusk-7

Black Tusk-8

Black Tusk-9

Black Tusk-10

Black Tusk-11

Black Tusk-12

Black Tusk-13

Black Tusk-14

Black Tusk-15

Black Tusk-16

Black Tusk-17

Black Tusk-18

Black Tusk-19

Black Tusk-20

Black Tusk-21

Black Tusk-22

Black Tusk-23