Upcoming: Black Tusk, Bear Fight! and Bask at The Jinx Saturday night

The guys in Black Tusk have a better time on stage than any other metal band that I’ve ever seen. Need proof? Here’s a huge gallery of proof. You should go Saturday night, Black Tusk will be having a blast, you will too. Show at The Jinx at 10. Be there.

black tusk-19

black tusk-26

black tusk-1

black tusk-2

black tusk-3

black tusk-4

black tusk-5

black tusk-6

black tusk-7

black tusk-8

black tusk-9

black tusk-10

black tusk-11

black tusk-12

black tusk-13

black tusk-14

black tusk-15

black tusk-16

black tusk-17

black tusk-18

black tusk-20

black tusk-21

black tusk-22

black tusk-23

black tusk-24

black tusk-25

black tusk-28

black tusk-29

black tusk-30

black tusk-31

black tusk-32

black tusk-33

black tusk-34

black tusk-35