Coming Up: Warehouse, Red Sea, Superteen, Vishnu Basement and Sunglow May 31st at Hang Fire

This weekend looks to be a busy one for music enthusiasts in Savannah. If the SCAD alumni concert on Friday wasn’t enough to get you excited, Saturday night at Hang Fire is sure to do the job. With a 5 band bill and a heavy emphasis on art rock and experimental music, there’s a bit of something for everyone going on at the stacked lineup at Hang Fire on the 31st.

If one tried to describe Warehouse, the string of comparisons would likely be a bit nonsensical at first. The Atlanta art punks have drawn some heavy influences from the likes of bossa nova, jazz, punk, and more to mold together something that is fairly novel in its execution. Layered on top of the band’s slightly surfy, slightly jazzy rock instrumentals are a dichotomy of vocals all belted out by Elaine Edenfield, who routinely switches from crooning out low and rumbling lines to harsher, slightly abrasive growls that would be more at home in the garage punk realm. Combined with praise from Deerhunter’s own Bradford Cox in regards to their live shows, I very much doubt that you’ll want to miss their set!

Also on the bill for the night are another group of Atlanta natives that have been making noise on the scene for quite some time now. Red Sea has taken the world of experimental rock and forged their own sound by combining elements of dream pop, psychedelic, and indie rock tinged with the occasional bit of noise to craft a whimsical concoction that they can call all their own. The first thing I recall when first listening to their debut album, Weird Problems, was that every element of their music seems to be meticulously well-placed. No note seemed superfluous or out of place yet their tracks had a flowing, unrestrained nature to them. In a scene where cacophony is something that’s exploited a bit too often, Red Sea has taken a bit more ordered approach to their art rock and have gained a wealth of attention thanks to it.

Adding a bit of out of state flavor to the bill is Vishnu Basement from New York. Offering up yet another vantage on experimental rock, Vishnu Basement emphasizes technicality merged with some elements of psych and noise, which ultimately results in what’s best described as a fusion of prog-rock and math rock. With tracks that span up to 9 minutes, the band makes full use of every second by exploring everything from some roaring tremolos that stem from a heavier origin to some really restrained arpeggios that lull the listener into a false calm before exploding back into a bellowing crescendo. If you’re a fan of superlative guitar work or if you find that Hot Plate is one of your favorite local acts, I’d suggest making sure that you’re at Hang Fire in time to catch these guys.

Rounding out the out-of-town talent is Superteen from Salem, Massachusetts. Superteen, while a bit less experimental than the other bands on the bill, are possibly the new band I’m most excited to catch. Their debut album, Exponential SUPERTEEN, has a few elements of psych rock and drone-driven garage rock fused with a heavy dose of emotional punk. With a few mathy-breakdowns thrown in for good measure, Superteen displays a unique take on the emo punk explosion that’s become so widespread recently. Their style is out of the ordinary, refreshing, and definitely something I’m looking forward to. I can almost guarantee that if you happen to be a fan of frequent Savannah guests Creepoid (and who isn’t?) then you’ll be sure to love Superteen.

The last act on the bill for the night is another local artist quickly gathering up local attention, and for good reason. Sunglow‘s experimental electronic music was a last minute addition to the night, but one that fits in all too well. After being voted Savannah’s Best Electronic Musician in Connect’s “Best Of 2014”, Sunglow shows no sign of slowing down with a slew of work in the pipeline. His use of synths and loops rounds out the exploration of experimental music over the evening, edging away from rock and delving into beats that will be sure to get everyone dancing. There’s not a lot more that I can say about this show. Whether you’re looking for a way to wrap up your graduation weekend or you just want to keep a weekend of awesome music rolling after a barrage of awesome bands on Friday, there’s a little bit of something for everyone at Hang Fire on Saturday. Get ready to grab a Scorpion Tea see some great acts! See you there!