Jacuzzi Boys and Triathalon at Hang Fire – photos

Just a couple weeks after supporting Vampire Weekend at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Jacuzzi Boys invaded the intimate drinkery/dancery/venue/party that is Hang Fire for a gig booked by Savannah Stopover/MusicFile Productions. Relative humidity hovered right around 100% as the Miami trio plied both their lo fi awesomeness and smoke machine with equal aplomb. In other words, the band jammed, it was humid as hell, and as soon as the smoke cleared enough to see the drummer in the back he cranked up the smoke machine again. It was a great, fun, high energy set that everyone really seemed to appreciate.

Triathalon was a perfect choice to open, both their mellow r+b(ish) tunes and raucous surf rockers sounded great. They closed the set with singer Adam Intrator serenading most of the audience. Great stuff.

If the pictures look a little “noisier” than usual, please refer to the fog machine mentioned above. 2 pics here, more after the jump. You know the deal.

Jacuzzi Boys-3







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