Man or Astro-Man? at The Wormhole – photos

I’m going to guess that more than half of the crowd at The Wormhole Friday night for the Man or Astro-Man? experience has been in a band, worked at a record store, or written for a ‘zine or music blog at some point during their lives. It was definitely a music lovers crowd.

I’m also going to guess that not many people walked away disappointed with the show. I certainly didn’t. A great crowd and a legendary band still on top of their game made Friday night one of my favorite shows of the year so far (and Thursday night’s Woggles show is up there, too!). Another fantastic weekend of live music in Savannah, that’s definitely a trend I can get behind.

Photo conditions were, ummm, aaah, well, challenging, to put it mildly. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get any usable shots of the touring openers, Wray, who played in darkness in front of some brightly projected images. The projections and spotlights that accompanied the super tight surf/space/punk rock of Man or Astro-Man? made for a really cool looking show, but it confuses the hell out of a camera (and certain photographers….this guy), but here you go, a couple pics to start, and a lot more after the jump.

Man or Astroman--1

Man or Astroman--15

Man or Astroman--2

Man or Astroman--3

Man or Astroman--4

Man or Astroman--5

Man or Astroman--6

Man or Astroman--7

Man or Astroman--8

Man or Astroman--9

Man or Astroman--10

Man or Astroman--11

Man or Astroman--12

Man or Astroman--13

Man or Astroman--14

Man or Astroman--16

Man or Astroman--17

Man or Astroman--18

Man or Astroman--19

Man or Astroman--20

Man or Astroman--21

Man or Astroman--22

Man or Astroman--23

Man or Astroman--24

Man or Astroman--25

Man or Astroman--26

Man or Astroman--27

Man or Astroman--28

Man or Astroman--29

Man or Astroman--30