Larry Jack did take the stage, hearing is believing.

Hey guys,
Due to popular demand, I have inserted the audio of my (thankfully brief) guitar solo at the Peelander-Z Savannah Stopover show. I guess they assumed that since I was an old guy at the show, I could hold a riff while they were goofing around. Boy were they surprised! My favorite part is when the band stops playing and I keep jamming. 

If you are able to make it through the guitar work (about :45 seconds), you will get a special surprise. It’s a brief audio clip of the infamous Train Wrecks-Larry Jack collaboration from last year at the Congress Street Social Club. Listen to me sing, it will make my guitar playing sound much better.

Don’t forget, I want to go to Connect Savannah’s Best of Party. If you can live with it, vote for me for best blogger (even though I am not). If you can’t live with gaming the system for me to go to the party, vote for my wife, Dr. Susan Sammons (Georgia Southern University Professor) for best nurse, which she really is. If she wins, I think she will take me with her.
Larry Jack Sammons