Spirit Animal at Savannah Stopover – photos

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I confused “Spirit Animal” with “Team Spirit” when I left Bleeding Rainbow (who were great, thanks for asking) to scoot around the corner to The Jinx on the final night of Savannah Stopover. Give me a break, there were A LOT of bands playing, and it was a very awesome, long, and winding weekend. So, instead of seeing the dual guitar indie rock attack that I was expecting of “Team Spirit”, I got the dance/rock/funk of “Spirit Animal”. I love music, but hate to dance (I know, right?), and also have an aversion to boy band looking front men. To my absolute surprise, Spirit Animal totally won me over. Really fun, high energy show. I still didn’t dance, though.

A couple here with more after the jump:

Spirit Animal-3

Spirit Animal-9

Spirit Animal-1

Spirit Animal-2

Spirit Animal-5

Spirit Animal-6

Spirit Animal-7

Spirit Animal-8

Spirit Animal-10

Spirit Animal-11