The Silver Palms at Savannah Stopover – photos

OK, the lighting conditions at the Congress Street Social Club were tough for last Thursday’s Savannah Stopover set by The Silver Palms, but I pulled a few decent images out. (For the photo nerds: dim lighting with a red filter hitting guitarist Adam Drury, a light blue hitting bassist Wade Beahm, diffused flat lighting on drummer Jordan Scott, no light at all on lead singer Dalton Drury — kind of nightmarish if you prefer working without flash. Most of the shots looked better in b&w.)

Whatever. These guys would look good in any lighting. I’m sorry I didn’t take a group shot in the bright hallway when I was talking to them before the set.

If you haven’t heard of The Silver Palms, just wait. The band is from down in Kingsland, Ga., so Savannah could become as much of a home base as anywhere. The band is playing the Austin City Limits Bloody Mary Morning with Melissa Etheridge and others at SXSW, and they just wrapped up a series of gigs in the UK opening for Jake Bugg and The Orwells.

Give a listen to their new single “Superstar” — a new video apparently coming soon:

I do hope that The Silver Palms will start to show a little more energy on stage, but their sound seemed a lot tighter than the show that I shot back in January. A few photos here (click for bigger versions) with more after the jump: