a quick take on day 3 of Savannah Stopover

Well I’m spent. I took a ton of photos at Savannah Stopover on Saturday and will posting many over the next few days. We’ll have posts by our other hissing lawns bloggers too (and we’ll have photos on the hissing lawns Facebook page).

My day began listening to the magic of mumbledust at the Furious Hooves label showcase at Congress Street Social Club and ended with Small Black at the Knights of Columbus almost 12 hours later.

Instead of a full recap of all those shows, here’s a brief compilation of some of Stopover’s day 3 highlights on social media (for some reason the Instagram embeds are adding extra spaces below).

Here’s Tony aka Whiskey Dick with Peelander-Z:

And this happened, hissing lawns’ own Larry Jack on stage with Peelander-Z:

And Peterson too!