Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 3/6/14 – 3/11/14

Hey guys,
Just in case you don’t hear from me in a while, I better remind you that the Savannah Stopover is starting Thursday, and I do tend to overdo it at this excellent festival, so it may take me a while to bounce back. This is my favorite event of the year, I actually feel this festival is custom-made for me: a hundred or so bands playing all weekend, all within walking/biking distance of each other. I can’t think of anything more fun. 

Some years, I make a schedule, some years I just wing it with whoever I am hanging out with for the next few hours (not many can survive the whole day with me, except the enigmatic Ian Churchill). I was planning on winging it this year, but my wife Susan says I have to make a schedule for the blog. So this is my attempt at a schedule. 

I should say that I tend to be less inclined to see local bands during the Stopover, only because I get to see them so often. I also like to go to as many venues as I can, that affects my choices sometimes.  You will notice a lot of overlap, I’ve still got to figure that out as it goes. My back-up choices are in parenthesis and I have asterisked my must-sees. These are the shows I would like to see, but mostly it will depend on my mood at the time the show starts as to which show I attend. And lots of times, I will only watch half of the show, so I can make it to another show. My experience has been that all of the bands are top-notch and you will not be disappointed with any of your choices. I hope to see lots of people at the shows. Be sure to say “hello”.

On a personal note, I wanted to let everyone know that my daughter, Lisa, will be in town this weekend. She plans on hanging with me for the Saturday afternoon shows. She’ll be the one with blue hair. Surprised? [editor’s note: not surprised by the blue hair, but we had no idea Larry had a daughter]

Update:  The Moon River shows on Thursday were moved to the Knights of Columbus.

Thursday 3/6
1900 – Good GraeffKnights of Columbus (formerly at Moon River)
2000 – St. Paul & The Broken BonesKnights of Columbus (formerly at Moon River)
(2030 – mumbledustArtist’s Lounge)
2100 – SpiresCity Coffee
(2100 – Fare The GapHang Fire)
2130 – Secret ShowArtist’s Lounge
2200 – Team SpiritHang Fire
2230 – Bear HandsKnights of Columbus
2300 – *Black CadillacsCongress Street Social Club
(2300 – Total SlackerHang Fire)
(2330 – Wye OakKnights of Columbus)
2400 – *J. Roddy Walston & The BusinessCongress Street Social Club
(2400 – Minature TigersHang Fire)
0100 – Kylesa Jinx

Friday 3/7
1600 – Crazy Bag LadyHang FireSauna HeatCongress Street Social ClubWhiskey DickJinx
1700 – WoolfolkJinx
(1700 – TweensHang FireSecret ShowAbe’s on LincolnTriathalonCongress Street Social Club)
1800 – Cretin GilsCongress Street Social Club
(1800 – Teen AgeHang FireLos ColognesJinx,  AccomplicesMoon River)
1900 – Secret ShowAbe’s on Lincoln,  J. ZagersCongress Street Social Club,  this mountainMoon River
2000 – River WhylessMoon River
2030 – *July TalkKnights of Columbus
2130 – *Starlight GirlsHang Fire
(2130 – Belle GameKnights of Columbus)
2200 – PileJinx,  New MadridCongress Street Social Club
2330 – Public Service BroadcastingCity Coffee
2400 – Thomas Wynn & The BelieversCongress Street Social Club
(2400 – Speedy OrtizJinx)
0030 – TeenHang Fire

Saturday 3/8
1400 – mumbledustCongress Street Social Club
(1430 – COEDSKnights of Columbus)
1500 – *CURTINHang Fire
(1530 – Sun ClubKnights of Columbus)
1600 – City HotelMoon RiverHave Gun Will TravelJinx,  ConnectionsHang Fire
(1630 – Racoon FighterKnights of Columbus)
1700 – *Whiskey GentryJinx
(1700 – Wild ChildMoon River)
1800 – Hurray For The Riff RaffMoon River
1830 – Los ColognesEllis Square
1930 – Clear Plastic MasksEllis Square
2030 – The WeeksEllis Square
(2100 – Secret ShowArtist’s LoungeSecret ShowAbe’s on Lincoln)
2130 – AmbroseJinx
(2200 – Secret ShowAbe’s on Lincoln)
2200 – Cretin GirlsHang Fire
2300 – Bleeding RainbowHang Fire
(2300 – Fever The GhostKnights of Columbus)
2330 – Spirit Animal Jinx
(2400 – OberhoferKnights of Columbus)
0030 – Peelander-ZJinx

Whew!  Now is time to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day.