Savannah Stopover preview: The Weeks

I must seem awfully boring to my handful of followers on Spotify. They know that I often listen to bands in obsessive cycles. And lately one band has been showing up more than any other: The Weeks.

Now based in Nashville, The Weeks formed in Mississippi way back in 2006 when the members were in their mid-teens. So the group is still young, but with years of experience and an impressive output already behind them. You can check out the power of The Weeks’ sound in the clips below, but it’s also worth reading some of the lyrics, which are apparently the result of pretty rough childhood circumstances. Here’s the opening of “Stigmata”:

I met the man who killed my mother
He put holes inside her arms
No they were not marks of stigmata lord
Just a drug pumping empty heart

I met the man who took my father
Put him in jail and locked him away
Well they say he forgot his children lord
He might remember us again someday

Much of The Weeks’ social media includes this line: “Our shoes are tattered and torn, but our feet are dry. As for our places in history, we will run naked through your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.”

Here’s an awesome live version of “Brother in the Night” from the 2013 album Dear Bo Jackson (How many bands have bassists that can actually dance?)

I just can’t get enough of the EP Gutter Gaunt Gangster:

And “The House That We Grew Up In” from Gutter Gaunt Gangster:

The Weeks – House That We Grew Up In from Serpents & Snakes on Vimeo.

Some really interesting interview footage and other visuals interspersed with song clips in this video posted by their label Serpents & Snakes.

The Weeks will perform at 8:30 p.m. on Sat., 3/8 in Ellis Square, capping Stopover’s free concert there. I don’t think many people are prepared for just how good this show is going to be.