Savannah Stopover 2014 Spotlight: Ex Hex

While 2013 was a great year for music, it also saw some major break-ups too. One that hit hardest for me was Wild Flag, the mostly West Coast supergroup made up of 90’s indie rock all-stars Mary Timony (who’s actually a product of D.C.), Carrie Brownstein, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss. The quartet first hooked up in 2010 and cranked out tracks that were a total throwback to the sound their original respective bands (Helium, Sleater-Kinney, and The Minders) forged back in the 90’s. Equal parts rowdy and melodic, the outfit officially called it quits last year after a long period of hiatus.

One good thing that’s come out of the breakup, besides the reformation of Sleater-Kinney, is Timony’s new project Ex Hex. While they’ve only officially put out one single so far, the 90’s rock influence is all too apparent in the new project. Timony supplies her airy yet hard hitting trademark vocals on top of instrumentals that are much more heavily influenced by classic rock and roll rather than her indie rock roots, although the indie influences is still fairly strong. Check out their single, Hot and Cold, below and be sure to catch their set Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12am over at Hang Fire!

Photo courtesy of Merge Records