read Perfect Pussy’s tour survival tips in Elle

So, I was reading Elle the other day and…..errrr, wait, I mean, I was reading some super obscure music blog the other day (actually it was Stereogum) and ran across a link to an article in Elle featuring Meredith Graves, the lead singer of Perfect Pussy. Their show at Hang Fire earlier this year was one of the more talked about gigs so far this year and they have their debut full length, Say Yes to Love, headed our way next month.

Anyway, if you’re not too punk to read about chamomile floral water and rose scented soap, the “tour diary” (it’s nothing of the sort) is kind of interesting, with Graves describing some of the issues that come with being the only female in a five piece touring noise punk band. My favorite quote: “…I sort of dress like Mia Farrow attempting to go undercover at a Boy Scouts meeting.” Read it here, if you think your street cred can take the hit. Bonus points if you click on the “See Also” links at the bottom of the page, which include keywords “punk band”, “metal music” and “black metal”. Seriously.