Band of Horses’ new record “Acoustic at the Ryman” streaming here

You can stream the first four tracks of Band of Horses’ new album below. Click here for the entire stream on BOH’s website with links to iTunes and other sites for purchase.


This is obviously a taste of what some of us are going to enjoy on March 3rd, when Band of Horses’ acoustic tour stops at Trustees Theater on Broughton Street here in Savannah. Sort of amusingly, BOH’s tour schedule on the page with the above stream has confused Trustees Theater with the much smaller Morris Center at Trustees Garden.

If you’ve been to this blog before, you probably already know that Band of Horses played an extraordinary show back in October at The Wormhole — a venue that’s a fraction of the size of their usual bookings. We posted pics here and here. A couple of the shots from those posts:

Band of Horses at The Wormhole in October 2013