The Casket Girls’ “True Love Kills the Fairy Tale” now available — and streaming here

Earlier this week, Consequence of Sound debuted the stream of The Casket Girls’ new album True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, newly released by Graveface Records. COS also interviewed Ryan Graveface, the head of the label and a member of the band along with sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene.

From Ryan in that interview:

Well, I think the biggest thing that has changed is that we really set out to make a record this time around. LP1 just kind of happened. On the music side, I sat down one night after drinking copious amounts of homemade absinthe and said to no one, “It’s time to begin writing LP2.” We’ve been super-lucky in this project to where things are just kind of magically happening. The ladies were pretty horrified to play live, as it was supposed to be a recording-only project, but I feel we’ve all embraced everything at this point.

COS calls the album “dream-pop” but I’d like to find another term — maybe twilight-pop? Hypno-pop? You decide:

While the record’s official release date is 2/11, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is now available on CD, tape, and colored wax at Graveface Records & Curiosities at 5 West 40th here in Savannah.