Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 2/6/14 – 2/11/14

Hey guys,
There are several shows of note this week. Martin Sexton is playing at the Wormhole this Wednesday (5th). I have not seen him before, but he has been recommended to me several times since this show was announced. Both of the people that recommended were really singing his praises, so I am expecting a good show. The second show that I would like to point out would be Friday’s American Legion show, 50 Years Ago Today. There are several good bands playing, some that you rarely see this early (Cusses played at 1am last Saturday, Voodoo Soup) and some that rarely play (Veraflames, GAM) and a few I don’t know (Rogues, Bill Avila All Stars). It’s an early start, beautiful venue, and good admission price, what more can you ask for?

Wednesday 5th
Martin SextonWormhole ($20) – His website states “you can call him a soul shouter, a road poet, a folkie, or a rocker and you won’t be wrong”. This show was very highly recommended by a few friends who I trust their taste in music. Please note that this will be an early start, listed as 8pm.
Slackers, DuppiesJinx (10p) – Sax, trombone, trumpet from a couple of ska bands. I hope to stop by the Jinx for a little ska music after the Martin Sexton show.

Friday 7th
50 Years Ago TodayAmerican Legion Ballroom (7p, $15) – Cusses, Veraflames, GAM, Rouges, Voodoo Soup (w/ Jack Sherman), Bill Avila All Stars. I highly recommend this show, it has the potential to be something special.
Dead Yet?, Forced EntryJinx ($2 – Benefit for Jason Statts) – Hardcore punk at the Jinx.
Stereo ReformCongress Street Social Club (10pm) – I really like this dance-rock band and am planning on hitting this show after the Legion show.

Megan Jean and the KFBAbe’s On Lincoln – “Like a metal band if it was 1927”; This is a very good band at one of my favorite venues.

Saturday 8th
Gringo StarJinx – Guitar rock from this Savanah Stopover alumni.
Lobo Marino, Timid Biggots, Hyde, Rotten BlushHang Fire – Lobo Marino page says their music is tribal, folk, world music. I saw a sitar on their Facebook page, that sold me.
Reckless AbandonCongress Street Social Club – Electronic rock 3-piece.

Sunday 9th
Super Museum Sunday (1-4p) – Go see some Savannah museums for free today. It’s not going to get any cheaper than this.
Dead Leaves Traveling Band  – Sentient Bean – I haven’t seen this Americana band in a while, I hope to catch them tonight. This is probably an 8pm show, I’ll try to update later. Per the comment below, this is an 8 p.m. show.
Savannah Songwriters – Tybee Legion – Jason Bible, Andrew Gill, Christina Christian, Shawn Gordon – Nice line-up for this fine songwriter series that alternates between Tybee Legion and Johnny Harris Restaurant.
Hunktronik, Blackrune, Moffenzeef – Graveface (7p)

Tuesday 11th
Aaron Paul ZimmerFoxy Loxy – A rare solo show from the City Hotel guitarist.  This is another show I am looking forward to this week.

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