Lucero to pack The Jinx – Monday 1/27

Here’s the short of it: If you didn’t buy your ticket to see the punky, soulful, countryfied Southern rock goodness that is Lucero, you’re out of luck. I don’t remember the last Jinx show that sold out so early. The Sword, maybe? There’s good reason for this, the Memphis-based band is fantastic, and routinely fills venues much, much larger than our beloved Jinx. The last time I saw Lucero was at Austin City Limits Festival, where several thousand of us watched them play right before Spoon and The Black Keys in the blazing sun of Texas.

The Jinx has settled into booking (mostly) two kinds of music, the tattooed metal that the Savannah scene is known for, and cigarette and whiskey soaked alt-country. Lucero falls squarely on the country rock side of things, but their most recent albums have begun to slide toward a bigger Memphis soul sound, which works surprisingly well with frontman Ben Nichols’ gravelly, road-worn voice. Can you tell that I’m really, really looking forward to this show? I hope you bought your tickets. See you there.

Here’s a couple videos that I think are well worth watching. First up, “Women & Work”, from their most recent album of the same name. Great song, bikinis, booze, tattoos, homemade slip and slide, and an excavator, what more could you want?

An awesome (I almost went a whole post without saying “awesome”!) David Bowie cover. A lot of these A.V. Club covers are great, by the way.

Lastly, a fantastic acoustic version of “It May Be Too Late”. Wow.