Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 1/23/14-1/28/14

Hi guys,
Quite often, I am asked about how I am able to go see so many bands. I always find that question odd, because I don’t understand how come people aren’t out more!  Almost every weekend, there is more than enough music to fill anyone’s palate.  Just this weekend, Friday night was full of plenty of music. There was bluegrass-rock with Waller at Dub’s, the Hypnotics played garage-rock at Molly MacPherson’s, and there was a night full of Americana at the Jinx (Waits & Co, Rachel Kate, and Lovely Locks). And on Sunday, there was a great all-day show at Doc’s on Tybee for the Ryan Buttimer Fundraiser. It was an excellent event and well worth the ride to Tybee! And now we have another music-packed weekend coming up. There are a few shows that I am expecting to be especially good this week, I am especially looking forward to the Thursday Night Opry Show on Thursday and the sold-out Lucero show at the Jinx on Monday (thanks to my special friends for the ticket).

You are really cheating yourself if you don’t make it to some music this month.  There are plenty of great shows out there, and some of them start as early as 6pm.  I thought I would add a few regular weekly shows that I usually don’t talk about, to help those of you who may not realize how often music is playing downtown.

On to the recommendations for this very cold week.

Thursday 23rd

Thursday Night OpryAccomplices, Train Wrecks, City HotelTrinity United Methodist Church ($10, 7p) – This show is your chance to see three of Savannah’s best bands in a historic venue (my old church!).  I am sure this will be a good show.

Mississippi John Doude – Warehouse (8p) – Dirty electric blues band from Mississippi.  John is one of the traveling artists that I try to make sure I catch every time he is in town.

Call Me Bronco, Joe NelsonJinx (10p) – I hope to make it up to the Jinx in time to catch this night of American music from the multi-instrumentalist Joe Nelson and the three piece combo Call Me Bronco.

Friday 24th

Whiskey DickJinx (6p) – Tony Beasley plays every Friday at the Jinx Happy Hour.  He plays outlaw country music, with a powerful voice.  You will get the occasional X-rated song thrown in, with a name like Whiskey Dick, what do you expect?

Andrew Gill BandJazz’d – This is one of  the bands that I don’t get to see as often as I would like.  Shane Baldwin is one of the best bald guitarists in Savannah.

City Hotel, Adam KlineJinx (10p) – Bluegrass at the Jinx. Missionary Blues – Molly MacPherson’s (10p) – Three-piece juke joint blues band

People’s Blues Of RichmondCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Blues-rock, this is a show you will want to see.

Saturday 25th

Damon & The ShitkickersJinx (6p) – Another of the Jinx’s fine happy hour bands, this band plays every Saturday. You won’t hear any better outlaw country music than this.

The Attack, Crazy Man CrazyJinx (10p) – Guitar rock from the Attack.  Rockabilly from CMC.  Could be a lot of fun.

Blackfoot Gypsies – Congress Street Social Club (10p) – Blues rock, video sounds good.

Niche, Brother Hawk, StoneriderHang Fire – 70’s style rock

Sunday 26th

Savannah Songwriters – A monthly event at the beautiful Johnny Harris Restaurant on Victory Drive, this event features four (usually) local songwriters performing solo acoustic versions of their songs. I don’t get to make it to the show as often as I would like, but I have always found it to be a well attended and classy show. This week features Savannah songwriter Jefferson Ross, Jim Crozier, DW Beasley, and Thomas Oliver

The RosiesJazz’d – Acoustic female duo who reside in Savannah

Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club – Three piece cover band with a rotating cast of Savannah musicians

Monday 27th

Eric BrittWild Wings Cafe (5p) – Acoustic music from the former frontman of Hazel Virtue.

Lucero, Johnny FritzJinx – Southern indie folk.  This is one of the earliest sell-outs that I have seen at the Jinx.  I haven’t caught Lucero yet, but I am expecting a good show.

White Gold, Hot Hands, Wet Socks, Turbo FruitsDollhouse – Guitar rock.  You should go here if you don’t have a ticket for Lucero.

Tuesday 28th

Jubal KaneBay Street Blues (9p) – Newly-reformed blues band led by harmonica player (and new American citizen) Ace Andersson.

Secret Lover X, House Of GuntHang Fire – Pop rock from Massachusetts and a performance group from Savannah.

Skelton, Death Of KingsJinx (10p) – Trash/death metal fest.

Swear And ShakeWormhole – Americana rock from New York