Bruce Springsteen gives two shoutouts to Savannah native Kristina Train

Savannah-raised and London-based singer-songwriter Kristina Train was mentioned twice this week by Bruce Springsteen in major national radio interviews promoting his new album High Hopes.

Springsteen raved about Train’s work in an interview on iHeartRadio and in an interview with Ann Powers on NPR. From the latter:

I’m gonna plug some people here because I love their records. […] Kristina Train: very Dusty Springfield. There’s a song called “Dark Black” that’s fantastic. I love that.

“Dark Black” is the title track from Train’s latest album:

As far as I know, the last time Train performed in her hometown was during the 2010 Savannah Music Festival — a really well-received set at the Morris Center.

Let’s hope she finds her way home again soon.