just a little more 2013 – photos

As I was going through my 2013 photos for my year end review, I came across a handful of shots that didn’t fit neatly into any of my posts this year. Some were from noteworthy gigs, but not my top shows of the year, some were from shows that were covered by someone else, a few were from performances that I only managed to capture one decent image, some of them I just like. Anyway, here’s some miscellaneous photos from 2013, most with a short explanation. You know the deal, a couple photos here, more after the jump.

KEN Mode played an unfortunately under attended show at The Jinx. Their noise/hardcore blend made a lot of year end lists and they won a Juno Award, the Canadian equivalent of an American Music Award. Their frontman, Jesse Matthewson, was really engaging live. kenmode-1

Another poorly attended show, this time at The Wormhole, Masked Intruder was a great pop punk show. Wearing color coordinated Chuck Taylors and ski masks through the whole show makes for a great gig to photograph. I proceeded to shoot the entire show with the white balance on my camera on the wrong setting. maskedintruder-1

Pianos Become the Teeth played Sweet Melissa’s basement on their way home from playing the Fest in Gainesville. It’s super dark down there and it was earbleedingly (what, that’s not a word?) loud, but PBTT was really entertaining. I’m glad that there is a young punk crowd around town, too. pianobecometheteeth-1

Ponderosa at The Jinx. I just like the mood of this picture. ponderosa-1

Scott H. Biram brings his one man show through town at least once a year. It’s always worth seeing. scotthbiram-1

United Nations was on the same post Fest bill as Pianos Become the Teeth. The vocalist, Geoff Rickly previously fronted Thursday, a band that had quite a following from the late 90’s until they called it quits in 2011. Unfortunately, sound issues plagued their set. Still fun, though. unitednations-1

Weedeater at the Jinx is always a blast. That tattoo is awesome. weedeater-1

Whaleboat, in my opinion, blew away a lot of the national touring acts at the Savannah Stopover this year. I like this image from their set. whaleboat-1

Another great Stopover set on the same stage was Chelsea Light Moving. It’s really rare for me to take pictures in decent light, but it makes a huge difference. chelsealightmoving-2

During the Flat Tires set at The Jinx, a really drunk dude threw all of the money from his pockets on stage. It appeared to be about $37. The singer used a pipe wrench as a prop. There was a guy in the pit with no shoes on. You never know. flattires-1

Hoax played upstairs at the Sparetime (R.I.P.), in the dark with just a couple of work lights on the floor. The singer was pretty unhinged. I enjoyed every set that night. hoax-1

During the soundcheck at the Holly Hunt show at The Wormhole, the guitarist plugged in and played for about a minute. He looked at the soundman and asked what he thought. “It’s too much.” “Too much what?” “Everything.” “Well, turn off the P.A.” “The P.A. is off.” Loudest show I saw all year that wasn’t in Sweet Melissa’s basement. Also poorly attended. hollyhunt-1

ASG is a really great, really underrated Southern heavy rock band that is definitely worth checking out. Despite the fact that this photo has multiple issues, I like it. asg-1

There was a lot of unwashed humanity on stage when Black Eyed Vermillion played The Jinx. Frontman sang for Hank Williams III band, Assjack. blackeyedvermillion-1

I drove to Jacksonville to see the cash grab that is Black Flag. It wasn’t as bad as other reports I’ve read, and Greg Ginn is still a really interesting guitarist. Plus, those songs rule. Forever. blackflag-1

Straddling the line between metal and Jethro Tull, Blood Ceremony was suprisingly good. I’m sure they hate that comparison, but there’s not a lot of other heavy rock that incorporates the flute to compare them to. Sorry. bloodceremony-1

White Hills played that night, too. I wish more heavy psychedelic bands would come through town. Great set. whitehills-1

I went to the tiny Tin Roof in Charleston to see Whores. play. Their drummer is always fun to watch play. whores-1

Another Whores. show a few nights later at The Jinx. Awesome. whores-2

Hopefully next year I won’t have to type “underattended” quite so much. Go see live music. Live a little.