Downtown Double-Header at The Jinx and Hang Fire

Last Saturday was probably one of the busiest nights music-wise I’ve had in a long time. Downtown was hit with six top quality acts at two of the best venues in town and luckily I managed to catch a bit of each band’s set.

Up at Hang Fire, the night was opened by local act Sunglow, a one man electronic project that generated tracks that ranged from distinctly mellow and ambient to more trip-hop inclined beats occasionally supported by minimalistic vocals. Next at Hang Fire came Athens, Georgia natives Powerkompany. Powerkompany delivered a certain kind of pop driven folk music that was engrossing and carried a rhythm that begged to be danced to. Closing out the night at Hang Fire was Savannah’s own Lovely Locks serving up their harmony intensive rock and roll that left the packed house cheering for encore after encore.

Down a little way at The Jinx, the night was opened by Rotten Blush who kicked things off with a fast and furious rock assault. Following Rotten Blush came Savannah locals Tonto, a trio of true rock and rollers who belted out some serious doses of classic, Americana rock. Closing out the night at The Jinx was Niche, another well-known purveyor of rock and roll who create a distinct sound by infusing their brand of slightly heavy rock with a certain Southern flair that gives several local bands that unique sound that comes out from Savannah.

All in all, whichever choice you happened to make last Saturday was a good one in my view as all of the bands were really on top of their game. Be sure to check out a few of the shots from the night below and hit the jump for the full sets, starting with The Jinx and finishing up with the acts at Hang Fire.

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