Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 12/26/13-12/31/13

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is having/had a good Christmas holiday.  Last weekend ended up being a little better than I expected, I really enjoyed Bottles & Cans with guests Jeremy Hammons and Anders Thomsen at Rocks On The Roof (one of the two most attentive crowds I have seen there).  Eric Culberson and Ace Andersson also put on a very good show at The Warehouse.  The Hypnotics put on their usual good performance at Molly MacPherson’s on Saturday.  There are a few more shows to look forward to on the calendar this weekend, then we get to survive New Year’s Eve on Tuesday (not my favorite holiday, I must admit).  Here’s a list of my picks this week, should be a good one.

Thursday 12/26 An Accomplices-ish kinda night.

Stan RayWarehouse (8pm) – The drummer for the Accomplices playing a rare solo show.  Be sure to tell him what a fine job he did emceeing the Holiday Hoedown.  Unless you think he did a sorry job, you don’t need to tell him that.  Unless you just want to.

Pluff MuddMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – Matt and Eric of the Accomplices.

Friday 12/27

Cranford HollowWild Wing Café – Formerly known as Cranford & Son.  This is a good rock band, but not one of my favorite locations to see music.

Epic CycleMolly MacPherson’s – One of my favorite bands around town.  Make sure you catch Ben Keiser & Company soon.

General Patton & The Heads Of StateCongress Street Social Club – John (Domino Effect) Patton’s dance-rock band.

Saturday 12/28

Bottles & Cans Jazz’d – One of the few bands that I go to Jazz’d for.  Very nice staff, just a little too classy of a place for me.  But this is excellent blues music.

Lovely Locks, PowerkompanyHang Fire – Good timing, I was going into Lovely Locks Withdrawal.

Niche, Tonto, Rotten BlushJinx – Niche and Tonto in one show!  It may be too much.

Smith Brothers Molly MacPherson’s – James Lee Smith, Isaac Smith, Ethan Stewart and Robert Britton Saunders.  I have been trying to catch this band for a while now.

Sunday 12/29

Mandatory Jam [Eric Britt, Eric Dunn, Eric Culberson, Ricardo Ochoa, The Accomplices] (6pm)Tybee Social Club   I am not sure what to expect here, but it sounds like fun.  And it may be the most Erics I have ever seen at one time.  It looks like I may have to head to Tybee for a little while.  I plan to double check the time later.

Tuesday 12/31 – New Year’s Eve, you are [hopefully] off tomorrow.  I expect more shows may be announced later.

HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s – I think it would be great to ring in the New Year with this garage-rock trio.

Les Racquet, AccomplicesTybee Island Social Club – I am betting this will be a great show, if you happen to be on Tybee for New Year’s Eve.

A few more shows:

2Tone Fish is playing at Warehouse.  Those Cats are the first band playing at Rousakis Plaza.

Andrew Gill Band is playing at City Market until 11pm.

Eric Culberson is playing at Billy’s Place above McDonough’s backed by a baby grand piano, sax, bass and drums.  I’ve never been there before, but I bet that would be fun.