Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 12/10/13-12/17/13

Hey guys,

This week’s live music calendar is the best I have seen in months. If you look over the list, there is really no good reason not to catch a little music this weekend. There is good music in the daytime (BYOB Festival) and good music at suppertime (City Hotel at Moon River) on Saturday. Give yourself a present and go see some music. It is good for the soul.

Since it is so busy, I would like to especially recommend a few things. I am hoping that a lot of you can make it to Forsyth Park on Saturday for the BYOB Festival.  Of course, BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bag, a project that is dear to Ashley Workman of Molly MacPherson’s, who probably doesn’t care if you bring your own booze, as long as it is not in a plastic bag. Ashley is encouraging patrons to bring their own bag for takeouts from restaurants, just like you (should) do at grocery stores. Be sure to stop by and talk to Ashley, this is a project that she is very passionate about and her enthusiasm is infectious. And there are plenty of good bands (Train Wrecks, Accomplices, and Charlie Fog Band).

Another special recommendation is the Consider The Source show at the Wormhole on Friday. I have seen this band several times and they are amazing, one of my favorites. Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion is how they describe their music.  Believe it or not, the description fits! Besides Consider The Source, Kota Mundi and Omingnome are playing, both of those bands are worth seeing.

This week also features Les Racquet at Molly’s, Gil Cruz’s Roast, Grand Prize Winners From Last Year at Hang Fire, Homegrown Holiday Hoedown (buy tickets early and save $5), American Aquarium at The Jinx and Motor City Josh at Bay Street Blues. I wish/hope I can catch them all. It’s gonna be a fun weekend, I really wish I had already finished my Christmas shopping.

Tuesday – 12/10
Fairlane, Crazy Bag LadyGraveface Records (7p)

Wednesday – 12/11
Epic CycleWarehouse

Thursday – 12/12
Bottles & Cans, Gil Cruz RoastJinx
Les RacquetMolly MacPherson’s

Friday – 12/13
City HotelMoon River (6-9)
Consider The Source, Kota Mundi, OmingnomeWormhole
Grand Prize Winners From Last Year, KidSyc@BrandywineHang Fire
Charlie Fog BandMolly MacPherson’s
City Hotel, Pilotwave Jinx

Saturday – 12/14
Train Wrecks, Accomplices, Charlie Fog BandBYOB Festival (12-4) – Forsyth Park
Train Wrecks, Accomplices, American Hologram, New FamiliarsHomegrown Holiday Hoedown – American Legion (7:30)
American AquariumJinx
City HotelMolly MacPherson’s

Sunday – 12/15
Trae & James Jazz’d
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Tuesday – 12/17
Ricardo & SashaFoxy Loxy (8pm)
Ted Browne (of Passafire)Congress Street Social Club
Motor City JoshBay Street Blues (9:30)