Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 12/4-12/9

Hi guys,
Well, I first thought this week was gonna be a slow week.  It seems like a few shows have been added over the last day or so, now the week looks a little better.  There are lots of bands that I haven’t seen before, that always makes my week more interesting.  And I have a few shows listed at Dub’s, which is the old WG Shuckers/Conch House/probably more names on the east end of River Street, next to Chuck’s Bar.  They usually only have bands on Friday, I was glad to see they had added Saturday recently.  And, in the Christmas spirit, I also have included a church event, Vivaldi’s Gloria at Wesley Methodist Church.  This may be the first and only time you see a church listed on the Tour.

I’d like to take care of some housecleaning stuff.  For those that don’t know, the shows I have listed are the ones that I either plan to go to (most) or the shows I would go to if I was out.  Anyone can feel free to add more shows in the comments, as mine is not an all-encompassing list.  If you want to go out on a certain night or time and don’t see anything, ask me about it and I will probably have at least one recommendation.  There is always Friday and Saturday Happy Hour music at the Jinx that is well-worth seeing (Tony Beasley and Damon & The Shitkickers, respectively), they just don’t make my list a lot of times because I haven’t been able to get out that early lately.

And Mondays always have good music with Brett Trammell and Ben Keiser at Warehouse early, followed by open mics at Abe’s On Lincoln with Craig Tanner and Mr. Williams and Bay Street Blues with Brian Bazemor).  Eric Culberson has a regular Tuesday night open jam at Bayou Café.  You never know who you will see at these open mics, although I must admit they are sometimes hit and miss.  Hitman plays a regular gig on Wednesdays at Bay Street Blues.  There is music somewhere in Savannah almost every night, that is one of the reasons it is such a great city.

And I would encourage anyone to recheck the list as the weekend approaches, I do try to keep it updated throughout the week.  And lots of venues don’t post about acts until very late in the week.  I encourage you to “like” hissing lawns on Facebook.  I also encourage you to “share” my posts, my thinking is that maybe a couple more people will show up to the shows, and that has to be a good thing.  And, lastly, if you like the music, try to throw a little bit in the bucket, the musicians really appreciate it.  If you are wondering, the starving musician is not just a myth, they really are broke.

Wednesday 12/4
Eric Britt and Britt ScottThe Mansion (7:30-10:30)
Brock ButlerCongress Street Social Club – music from the ex-frontman of Perpetual Groove

Thursday 12/5
Eric From PhillyMolly MacPherson’s – singer songwriter covering a variety of genres
Jason BibleRocks On The Roof – solo show from the frontman of the Train Wrecks in one of my less favorite venues

Friday 12/6 – A fun night for me, I hope to make it to most of these venues for a bit
Bottles & CansJazz’d – One of the best bands in town, and I am trying hard to like the venue just because they play there so much
Gullah Rootz (8p) – Dub’s Pub
Easter IslandJinx – post-rock dream pop from Athens
Listen 2 ThreeCongress Street Social Club – local guitar pop-rock
Kodiak BrotherhoodMolly MacPherson’s

Saturday 12/7
Gen. Patton & The Heads Of State (8p) – Dub’s Pub
Train WrecksCongress Street Social Club
Kodiak BrotherhoodMolly MacPherson’s

Sunday 12/8
Vivaldi’s Gloria (5p) – Wesley Monumental Methodist Church (Abercorn and Gordon), with full choir, strings, and organ; and I can walk there

Monday 12/9
Wet Brain, Crazy Bag Lady, Grimey Hang Fire

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