Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 11/27/13-12/3/13

Hey guys,

Thanksgiving week!  I guess I get to post a “I am thankful for…” blurb, and I can say it is definitely written from the heart.  First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife, Susan, who puts up with my crazy shenanigans.  I know that I couldn’t be doing the things that I love without her tolerance.  Second, I am thankful that I live in such a beautiful city.  I was born and raised in this town and I am still amazed at the beauty of our city.  I know that we have plenty of problems in Savannah, but we should always remember and enjoy the unique charm of our city.  One more thing (and last, I know most of you are tired of reading this stuff anyway) that I am grateful for is the many new music-related friends I have made over the last couple of years.  Words cannot express how much positive energy I feel when I am out musicin’.  I wish I could bottle it and give it to everyone, because I believe the Savannah Music Scene is the best medicine out there.  And I’m a nurse!
Enough sappiness.  Time for recommendations.

Wednesday 11/27
Epic CycleWarehouse
WormsloeSandfly Bar & Grill (10p) – I’m probably going to make a rare trip back to the Southside for this guitar-rock band from Savannah.

Thursday 11/28
TimeCop Vs DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s
Turkey CallersCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Members of Bottles & Cans, Whiskey Dick, and Damon & The Shitkickers.  Possibly others, possibly less.  There is a reason they are called the Turkey Callers (think Wild Turkey, not Thanksgiving Turkey)

Ted Browne – Molly MacPherson’s (10p) – Thanksgiving music from the frontman of Passafire.  A good night to wander from Social to Molly’s, if you can stand the cold.

Friday 11/29
Jon Lee’s ApparitionsMoon River (6p)
Danielle HicksZunzi’s II
Tail Light Rebellion Jinx

Saturday 11/30
RosiesMoon River (6p)
Jimmy Wolling BandMolly MacPherson’s – Bluegrass music
VersatileCongress Street Social Club – Dance rock

Sunday 12/1

Steppin’ Stones – City Market (5:30-8:30) – Classic rock covers with some originals.  Really a very fun band.

Tuesday 12/3
Corey and Aaron (from City Hotel) – Foxy Loxy Cafe – This should be a very good show at a unique location
Crazy Bag Lady, Sins Of Godless Men, Hot Plate, Forced EntryHang Fire