Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 11/12/13-11/18/13

I hope some of you made it out this weekend, there was some pretty good shows.  And Jackyl was at Forsyth Park on Saturday morning, definitely a Spinal Tap moment. There were a few good shows at Hang Fire (Fare The Gap and Buffalo Rodeo) and a very good bluegrass show at Congress Street Social Club from Seven Handle Circus. And the S.O.A.P! show at Molly MacPherson’s turned into a big party, what fun!

There are several interesting looking shows coming up this week. It looks like a week to put on your dancing shoes, lots of funk.  Here are my plans/recommendations. And don’t forget to check later, I will try to update as I get new information.

Tuesday 12th
Zachary Smith & Colleen HeineFoxy Loxy – Half of the Accomplices at this great venue.  It will be cold, so I bet it’s gonna be inside, which I like even better.

Wednesday 13th
Epic CycleWarehouse

Thursday 14th
Jon Lee’s ApparitionsWarehouse – Guitar rock from Jonathan Murphy and company.  They always put on a good show.

Danielle Hicks and The 8 Ohm Resistance – Zunzi’s II
Pillow TalkCongress Street Social Club (10p) – R&B, boogie and house music.  May be worth checking them out.

Friday 15th
Bottles & Cans – Rail Pub Courtyard (6-9p)Electric blues.  One of the best bands around town, be sure to catch them whenever you can.

Megan Jean & The KFBThe 5 Spot (8:30p)  – Husband and wife duo.  Gypsy-rock with a female washboard player.  Should be worth the ride to Habersham Village.

Epic Cycle Acoustic – Flip Flop Tiki Bar (9:30-1a) – Rare acoustic show with one of my favorite bands.
El DubMolly MacPherson’s (10p) – One-man funky reggae loops. Sounds interesting, I will probably stop by for a while.
Stereo ReformCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Dance-rock.  I’ve seen them before, they’re pretty good.
Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Jane PollockThe Jinx (10p) – Swamp tech.  Husband and wife duo, he is a solo instrumentalist, playing a Hammond Organ and several other instruments simultaneously.  The website says that he has invented several instruments.  Sounds like a good way to end the evening.

Saturday 16th

Telfair Babies – Telfair Square (Telfair Art Festival) (10-11:30a)

City Hotel – River Street Food & Wine Festival (12-3p)
Epic CycleMolly MacPherson’s (10p)
Funk YouCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Funk, reggae, jazz, and hip hop.  And a great name.
Dams, Heyrocco, Hudson KHang Fire – I’ll probably drop by here sometime during the night,  YouTube samples sounded pretty good.
Jason BibleZunzi’s II

 Monday 18th

Brett Trammell & Ben KeiserWarehouse (7p)

Craig Tanner & Mr. WilliamsAbe’s On Lincoln – Open Mic (9p)