Triathalon launches Kickstarter for first tour

Triathalon will be heading out on their first tour in December, with plans for 19 gigs in 19 days. The detailed schedule will be announced on November 1st.

It’s great to see the surf-garage-soul-rock quartet getting out on the road, but they need some dollars to get rolling. Today they’ve launched a Kickstarter that hopes to raise $5,000 in two weeks:

Frontman and lead singer Adam Intrator is joined by Hunter Jayne on guitar, Alex Previty on bass, and Chad Chilton on drums. I was pretty much wowed the first time I heard Triathalon’s self-recorded 2011 EP Relationchips and started seeing them live in gigs around town.

The band’s style has evolved since that great EP. Here’s the most recent Bandcamp post, “She’s On My Mind” and “Weirdo”:

Since the members were all under 21 when the band got rolling, most of their gigs were at college house parties. That meant that older listeners were late to get tuned in. Situations like this were part of the obvious and predictable fallout from the city of Savannah’s decision years ago to ban 18-20 year olds from the bars that serve as our regular live music venues.

Triathalon performed at both the 2012 and 2013 Savannah Stopover — first at Locos on Broughton (now closed) and then at Hang Fire. They opened recently for Little Tybee and Paleface recently at The Jinx. Here are a few shots that I took at that most recent show: