notes from CMJ: Woodkid at Webster Hall

A couple of weeks ago, Savannah Stopover‘s Kayne Lanahan profiled Woodkid in a post here at hissing lawns. Kayne and colleague Peter Robaudo are checking out bands at CMJ Music Marathon in NYC this week. She sent along the following notes and a few of Peter’s pics from the Woodkid show last night at Webster Hall in Greenwich Village:

More than 1500 people packed into Webster Hall in Greenwich Village last night for Woodkid‘s 1st official show in his new hometown…the artist has just moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which he humbly admitted to the crowd was “cliched, I know”.

An 8 piece band, including a 3 horn section and 2 stand up drums wowed the audience from start to finish with pin drop quiet moments interspersed with moments of sheer grandeur, percussion madness, and a palpable energy I haven’t witnessed in a concert in a long time. Woodkid is completely in charge of his show: serving as singer, maestro and conductor, pumping up the crowd and bringing them back down with the same precision his lasers punctuate the music.

Even after two encores he still wouldn’t or couldn’t leave the stage. He genuinely seemed in awe of the reception of the NY audience – staring into the crowd with the house lights fully up, holding his hand over his heart and profusely thanking the audience for “liking my project” as the crowd continued to wildly clap and cheer.

Signalling that the night was finally over, he ended the show as majestically as it began with a beautiful drum and horn rendition of “Taps”.

I’m not sure anything else at CMJ this week is gonna be able to come anywhere close to that!

Here’s one pic, more after the jump: