video of iconic bands at CBGB in the 1970s

With the impending premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 8 of the new movie CBGB at the CBGB Festival, I’ve been looking lately at some of the 1970s video from the iconic club.

I’ll be doing a fair number of posts on Savannah Unplugged about the movie (including a review) and have already posted some new and re-edited photos from last summer’s filming in Savannah (see here, here, and here).

So here on hissing lawns I just wanted to post a few of those extraordinary videos.

The Dead Boys in 1977:

There’s even video from the CBGB benefit for Johnny Blitz after he was stabbed (interviews after the first number, then John Belushi sitting in on drums, and then — no kidding — Divine ):

Talking Heads and more videos after the jump:

Here are Talking Heads in 1975 at CBGB doing “Psycho Killer”:

OK, just audio of Television with “Poor Circulation” apparently recorded at CBGB:

Patti Smith and Television, more audio:

The Ramones, 1974:

The Ramones, 1977:

And part two:

Debbie Harry:

The Police:

The Shirts, just audio:

Richard Hell & The Voidoids, “Blank Generation”, not sure of the year:

Bad Brains, 1979:

There are lots more clips on YouTube from the 1970s, and of course from later decades.

If you have a particular favorite, please feel free to link in the comments.