Charlie and the Foxtrots play The Sentient Bean on Thursday

Once you listen to the EP The Evergreen, I’m betting that a fair number of you now would like to hear a live set from Charlie and the Foxtrots, a six-piece band currently based in Nashville. (Note: the Bandcamp embed here has been a little glitchy, but it’s worth the wait if it doesn’t start immediately.)

I’d never heard of Charlie and the Foxtrots until a good friend recommended the band enthusiastically last week as soon as she saw they were headed to Savannah. Between that recommendation and the excellent EP released this past summer, I know where I’m hoping to be on Thursday evening.

Btw, one of the members was raised in Statesboro, Ga., and another in nearby Brooklet.

Charlie and the Foxtrots will take the stage at The Sentient Bean at 13 East Park Ave. here in Savannah on Thursday, Oct. 3. The Bean is an all-ages venue that starts the shows at 8 p.m. There’s a $5 suggested donation for this one. Beer and wine are available, along with the coffeeshop’s other drinks and tasty vegetarian menu.