Sauna Heat, The Potential Lunatics, Wet Socks at Hang Fire Tuesday

Another promising weeknight show at Hang Fire, the unpredictable bar at 37 Whitaker St. here in Savannah.

Sauna Heat and Wet Socks are local garage rock bands with distorted vocals and driving beats. Sauna Heat is fronted by Michael Younker, whose solo work was spotlighted here; the duo Wet Socks is made up of guitarist and singer Hunter Jayne and drummer John Zimmerman.

Sauna Heat’s new Sharkbait EP cassettes have just arrived, and Singles – 2012 was released by the London label Fuzzbook.

And then there’s The Potential Lunatics, the alt/indie/punk brother and sister duo of Emma Simons-Araya (guitar, vocals) and Isaac Simons-Araya (drums, vocals).

I especially like the second track here, “Witch Cakes”:

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