Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 9/24 – 9/28

With this first installment, hissing lawns introduces an ongoing series of posts by Larry Jack Sammons, who probably goes to more gigs than anyone in Savannah. From Larry Jack:

Hello blog-land. My name is Larry Jack Sammons. Some of you know me, and those that don’t would probably recognize “that old guy with a big smile that I see at EVERY show”, although most of you are kind enough to leave out the “old” part. After receiving dozens (well, at least one half-dozen) requests, and being threatened with a GPS tracker, I decided to place my schedule/recommendations on this blog.

Different things can affect what I put on the Music Tour. Of course, logistics come into play. Being an old man, I can’t ride my bicycle to the Southside, so it has to be a special show for me to head south of Victory. And although they sometimes have better music than downtown, Tybee is usually a no-no for me.  Also, I tend to avoid yuppie-type bars.  I am more of a dive-bar kind of guy.

Enough running my mouth, here is the schedule for this week.

Tuesday 24th (I’m planning on staying home, but here are some recommendations)

Hitman at The Warehouse (8pm)

Ricardo & Sasha at Foxy Loxy Cafe (8:30pm)

Eric Culberson Jam Night at Bayou Cafe

Wednesday 25th

Velvet Caravan at Savannah Jazz Festival (Habersham & 63rd) (6pm) – If you have never seen these guys, you have got to go to this show. It’s at 6p, there are places to eat, no excuses. If you think you don’t like gypsy-jazz, you are wrong. This is some of Savannah’s finest players, they even make me feel like dancing.

I am planning an early night, but if you make it back downtown, I would recommend

Hitman at Bay Street Blues

Jon Lee’s Apparitions at The Warehouse (8pm)

Thursday 26th

Savannah Jazz Festival at Forsyth Park (Blues Night) – My favorite night of the Festival. Eric Culberson (7p), EG Knight (8:15), and Watermelon Slim & The Workers (9:30). I don’t know the later acts, but I trust the festival’s and Skip Jennings’ choices.

After the Jazz Festival, I’ll be heading downtown for either (possibly both):

Georgia Kyle at The Warehouse (8p – 11:30) – You really want to see him play his cigar box guitar

Craig Tanner & Friends at Molly MacPherson’s (10pm)- Guitarist-songwriter and very nice guy

The tour schedule continues after the jump.

Friday 27th

City Hotel at Blowin’ Smoke (7-10) – Another band that you really need to see. Good old bluegrass, several guys standing around a mic, singing away. And it’s early. And you can eat excellent food there. And maybe Cory Chambers will play “Wagon Wheel” for you.

Then back downtown for a busy evening:

Wet Socks, Make Westing, and Triathalon at The Sparetime – I first saw Wet Socks last weekend, glad I get to see them again so soon. Never seen Make Westing. Triathalon always puts on a good show.

In between sets, I hope to sneak out and catch:

General Patton at Molly MacPherson’s (10pm) – Guitar pop-rock from Domino Effect’s guitarist

People’s Blues At Richmond at Congress Street Social Club – Never seen them, like their name. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance.

Saturday 28th

Bottles & Cans at Blowin’ Smoke (7-10) – Gut-bucket blues. Catch Bottles & Cans whenever you can see them, you won’t be sorry.

Tom Scott at Savannah Jazz Festival in Forsyth Park (9:30) – I was not real familiar with his name, but this guy played every sax solo on every record that you have head of from the 70’s and 80’s. He played with Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Barbara Streisand, Wings, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and many more.

Then back downtown.

Jon Lee’s Apparitions at Flip Flop Tiki Bar – Quick stop, I hope to make it in time for the Led Zeppelin medley.

Kota Mundi at Molly MacPherson’s – A really good reggae band. Good way to finish the evening.

Sunday 29th (I am hoping to rest again. If you are out, I would recommend)

Greg Williams at The Warehouse

Voodoo Soup at Congress Street Social Club

If you liked this, let me know by a comment or “like” (can you “like” blogs?). I would hate to think I am doing this for nobody (except maybe those six people). Of course, I guess it’s better than having a GPS tracker attached to me.

Larry Jack

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