Sins of Godless Men, Big Awesome, Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains at The Jinx

A few years back, Rachel Raab (Raabstract) opened Studio 210, renting out studio space to artists, musicians, and makers & shakers looking to create, gather, and exhibit. Now defunct–the bulk of the Victory Drive space has since become the “new” Bicycle Link–the Barnard-side old Atlas Upholstery building now houses a collective of Studio 210 alums.

Big Awesome inside New Noise Studios.

Big Awesome inside New Noise Studios.

Marked only by some vinyl letters slapped on a beaten white metal door and the occasional stickered van or trailer in the parking lot, New Noise Studios has been home to bands Sins of Godless Men (formerly Howler), Whaleboat, Crazy Bag Lady, The Wave Slaves, General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers (tootin’ my own horn—toot, toot), Jeff Two-Names & the Born Agains, and various other incarnations of local indie, rock, hardcore, and experimental. Though it began as and predominantly remains a practice space, New Noise offers music lessons and has nearly completed an in-house recording studio.

Big Awesome, formerly of Bluffton, are a fresh addition to the New Noise roster. The relocated three-piece’s 2012 release “Birdfeeder” had the internet glowing with praise for their buoyantly hooky & pop-laden power punk–think shades of Braid, Savannah Stopover 2011 favorite Fake Problems & Minus the Bear:

Iconic Gainesville, FL punk festival The Fest has added them to the lineup for the third year in a row.

They play the Jinx on Thursday, September 19 with New Noise fixtures Sins of Godless Men (Rettig & Stuard run the space) and Jeff Two-Names & the Born Agains.

Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains promise “straight forward punk” influenced by the classics.

Donald Moats joined Sins of Godless Men mid-summer; with the bond he and Stuard formed as Whaleboat’s rhythm section, the shows an unabashed, full-throttle treat. As Moats beats the living daylights out of his drums, Rettig’s howls splinter over tight, thick guitar licks, and Stuard thrashes about the stage, wielding his bass like a dull ax as he leaps off drums and wails along with Rettig. Thursday marks the release of their “Four Eyes” EP; here’s a teaser:

Sins of Godless Men, Big Awesome, Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains will be at The Jinx Thursday, September 19.