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more photos from Savannah Stopover 2018

I know this is four months late, but I figured better late than never! Cicada Rhythm: Gus Dapperton: Honduras: Lilly Hiatt:

Savannah Stopover 2018 – Petee’s Review

Oh boy, I think I’ve finally gotten back to a sense of normalcy after the wild ride that was Stopover 2018. Yes, I may have partied a bit. Yes, I may have napped in some unexpected places. And yes, I…

notes + photos from the 2018 Savannah Stopover

Another Savannah Stopover is in the books, and many of us are still in some sort of recovery from the thrilling three days. (There was also a pre-Stopover lineup at Graveface Records on March 7th, but more on that soon.)…