Band of Horses at The Wormhole in Savannah – photos

Remember when you caught that famous band way back in the day, before they were playing festivals and racking up a million Facebook fans, when they were just a great bar band that could electrify a room?

Well, last night, apparently in preparation for a set today at Southern Ground Music & Food Festival, Band of Horses came down from Charleston and played at The Wormhole here in Savannah.

The capacity is technically 300 or thereabouts, but the ceilings are so low that I can touch them. The stage is little more than a foot off the ground. The last time Band Of Horses played Savannah, they sold out the cavernous and soulless Johnny Mercer Theatre at the 2011 Savannah Music Festival.

So, an amazing night for those of us who scored tickets, which were just $10.

More interested in enjoying the show than in just getting good shots, I was a lazy photographer last night and didn’t move around. The venue is a tough one for photos anyway — especially when there’s a bright light on the bass player, dim red lights on everyone else, and the lead singer’s eyes are obscured by a cap . . .

So here’s a shot of the set list and then some of the show, with more after the jump (click for larger versions and click here for Tom’s set):



a few notes about Band of Horses show Saturday night at The Wormhole

Since Thursday’s announcement and super-fast sellout of Band of Horses’ show tonight (Saturday, Oct. 19) at The Wormhole, there have been a lot of questions about the actual start time.

From an email from club owner Amy this morning:

The band’s tour manager just confirmed with us that the band will be performing at 8PM or shortly after 8. They wanted it to be an early show. Doors will open at 7pm (though we may open a few minutes early if the band is ready!)

Please remember to bring your ID to the door. Your ID must match the name on the tickets, whether they are will-call, mobile, or print-at-home. If you bought two tickets, your guest must arrive with you.

If you need to refund your ticket, refunds will be accepted online until 5PM today, 10/19/13. Just contact Brown Paper Tickets 24 hour customer service.

See some of you tonight!

one last gallery from The Jinx 10th anniversary: Murder By Death

Murder By Death opened their stellar set last week at The Jinx with “As Long As There Is Whiskey in the World” and then just rolled through the rest of the night. I don’t know when I’ve heard or seen a band with such a visceral grasp of pacing — the songs obviously stand out individually, but the cumulative effect is transcendent.

Murder By Death was brought to town by owner Susanne Guest Warnekros for The Jinx’s 10th anniversary. Now MBD is in the process of selling out three anniversary shows of their own. It’s been 10 years since Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them was released, and the band is celebrating with performances in Colorado at the Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King’s The Shining. The band is selling 300 tickets per night. The Jinx holds fewer than 150.

We’re really lucky here in Savannah to see so many good bands in such small venues.

Click here for Petee Worrell’s photos of both Murder By Death and opener American Aquarium. Click here for my photos of American Aquarium and The Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue.

Here are two, with more after the jump (click for larger versions):



The Protomen, Bit Brigade, Omingnome at The Wormhole — a review and photos

From hissing lawns contributor Petee Worrell:

As one of Savannah’s most established venues for touring bands, The Wormhole hosted yet another slew of awesome bands Wednesday night much to the delight of Savannah locals.

First up was Omingnome, a crew of Savannah natives who paired their psychedelic style of rock with sufficiently trippy yet simple visuals.

After Omingnome came Bit Brigade. Armed with a full band as well as one member dedicated solely to manning a classic Nintendo Entertainment System, the band plays the full soundtrack to the chosen game of the night while the game is (with a lot of skill and a little luck) completed live before the crowd. The band’s been known to perform under several monikers indicating which game they’ll be showcasing on a certain night (MegaBand for MegaMan, Castlebandia for Castlevania, ContraBand for Contra, etc.). The band’s set was as tight and well-timed as a full run through of MegaMan 2 that was performed in sequence with it.

Finally, The Protomen took the stage to close out the night. Armed with theatrics and stage presence that harkens back to the styling of David Bowie or Queen, the band performed a killer set that depicted a dystopian future loosely based off of the storyline of the MegaMan series. Perhaps the best part of the performance, aside from the bevy of enthusiasm that the band put into the set themselves, was the sheer amount of excitement that the band drew out from the crowd.

Below are a few shots of each band in action starting with Omingnome, then Bit Brigade, and finally The Protomen. Be sure to keep an ear to the ground for more awesome shows at The Wormhole, including a special (not so) secret show this Saturday featuring Band of Horses for those of you lucky enough to score tickets.



More photos after the jump.

look out for Rivals

I’m gonna go ahead and call it – Rivals will be a common name among the West Congress Street music scene.

I saw them play for the first time last night at Hang Fireire and I wasn’t at all disappointed. Their 90s-esq gritty pop sound was simple but charming. I felt like I was watching my best buds from high school imitate anything from Sonic Youth to the Unicorns – equipedp with fuzzy guitar shreds and slacker vocal harmonies (sometimes without mics but instead sing-shouting notes into the crowd). Oh, and I should mention keys. It’s about time someone in this city added some keys to a college rock band without it being completely overwhelming.

Their overall style was a bit scattered and at times messy but I think these guys have great potential. It’s going to be interesting to see Rivals clean up and progress as musicians and evolve into a sound that is more definite.

Band of Horses playing The Wormhole in Savannah on Saturday

The last time Band of Horses played Savannah, they took the stage of the Johnny Mercer Theatre during the 2011 Savannah Music Festival. (Click here for Bill DeYoung’s review of that show in Connect Savannah.)

On Saturday night, they’ll play a show at a venue about 1/10th the size: The Wormhole at 2307 Bull St.

Click here for tickets, which start at a measly $10. (!!!!) [UPDATE: This show is sold out.The band will have the merch table outside, so even those without tickets have the chance to buy stuff — and maybe even get stuff signed. It’s always possible that some tickets will unclaimed and a few more people might get in.]

Band of Horses is playing at 5:30 on Sunday (after Willie Nelson & Family and before the Zac Brown Band) at the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival in Charleston, which is listed as the band’s hometown on Facebook. (Click here for a good piece in the Charleston City Paper about the band’s roots in the area.)

We’ll be updating this post in the next few minutes and as necessary for the next couple of days.

Kylesa’s Laura featured on A.V. Club’s Hatesong

A.V. Club’s consistently funny feature, Hatesong, invites artists of all sorts to talk about the song that they hate most in the world.  Laura Pleasants, guitarist/vocalist of Kylesa is not a fan of Nickelback’s “Rockstar” or Bro-rock in general.  This is both unsurprising and comical.    

notes from CMJ: Woodkid at Webster Hall

A couple of weeks ago, Savannah Stopover‘s Kayne Lanahan profiled Woodkid in a post here at hissing lawns. Kayne and colleague Peter Robaudo are checking out bands at CMJ Music Marathon in NYC this week. She sent along the following notes and a few of Peter’s pics from the Woodkid show last night at Webster Hall in Greenwich Village:

More than 1500 people packed into Webster Hall in Greenwich Village last night for Woodkid‘s 1st official show in his new hometown…the artist has just moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which he humbly admitted to the crowd was “cliched, I know”.

An 8 piece band, including a 3 horn section and 2 stand up drums wowed the audience from start to finish with pin drop quiet moments interspersed with moments of sheer grandeur, percussion madness, and a palpable energy I haven’t witnessed in a concert in a long time. Woodkid is completely in charge of his show: serving as singer, maestro and conductor, pumping up the crowd and bringing them back down with the same precision his lasers punctuate the music.

Even after two encores he still wouldn’t or couldn’t leave the stage. He genuinely seemed in awe of the reception of the NY audience – staring into the crowd with the house lights fully up, holding his hand over his heart and profusely thanking the audience for “liking my project” as the crowd continued to wildly clap and cheer.

Signalling that the night was finally over, he ended the show as majestically as it began with a beautiful drum and horn rendition of “Taps”.

I’m not sure anything else at CMJ this week is gonna be able to come anywhere close to that!

Here’s one pic, more after the jump:


more photos from The Jinx 10th anniversary: Murder By Death and American Aquarium

Another set of photos from Thursday’s 10th anniversary show at The Jinx with Murder By Death and American Aquarium. These are all by Petee Worrell, a regular contributor to The Blue Indian who is also going to be contributing regularly (I hope) to hissing lawns.

First, MBD and then AA. Some of these look especially good if you click to enlarge. More after the jump.



Futurebirds playing announcement party for 2014 Savannah Stopover on 11/21

In a special show at The Jinx on 11/21, Futurebirds from Athens will play the announcement party for the lineup of the 2014 Savannah Stopover, which is scheduled for March 6th-8th.

Futurebirds’ last Savannah gig was at the 2012 Savannah Music Festival in the big space of Trustees Theater. It will be fun to see them in the tighter confines of The Jinx.


Tickets will be just $10 and will be available online or at The Jinx beginning on October 24. We’ll obviously be posting a lot about the Stopover as acts are announced and as the 4th annual festival gets nearer

a singer-songwriter haven: The Sentient Bean

I can’t even begin to guess how many touring singer-songwriters and other out-of-town acts have performed at The Sentient Bean since its founding in 2001. When we talk about Savannah’s “venue problem”, we’re usually talking about the lack of larger spaces, but the city also lacks regular spots for solo and acoustic acts that don’t already have local followings.

There’s an especially nice lineup of acts playing the Bean over the next few days. You can read about them on the Bean’s website, so here I’m just embedding some music:

Tuesday, Oct. 15: Kwesi K, Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews from OMPlive on Vimeo.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Whetherman

Friday, Oct. 18: Brian Johannesen

Saturday, Oct. 19: Dylan Jane

Shows at the Bean typically start at 8 p.m. with a $5 suggested donation. The Sentient Bean is at 13 East Park Ave.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour (10/15-10/22)

Hey guys,
I’m back for another week.  What a fun, LONG weekend, starting with Thursday’s J.J. Grey show, on to the Jinx’s 20th 10th Anniversary with American Aquarium and Murder By Death, and culminating in the Stattsfest at the Muse Arts Warehouse on Sunday.  The Stattsfest organizers did a spectacular job.  It was such a kid-friendly event this year.  I hope this becomes the template for an annual event.

I want to let everyone know that there will be a SECRET SHOW coming up this Saturday at The Wormhole.  Details can’t be announced until Thursday.  I am willing to bet that most of the people who read this blog will really want to go to this show.  Be sure to check back on the hissing lawns site (or “like” it, if you haven’t already) this Thursday for this exciting news and first crack at tickets for this event.  And don’t forget the show is this Saturday.  Tell all of your coolest friends to like this page (don’t tell the uncool ones, maybe even defriend them so they won’t accidentally get here), they will want a shot at the tickets.

Lots of heavy music this week, kinda hit-and-miss on the shows.  Now on to the recommendations

Tuesday 15th
Hitman Warehouse (8p)
Eric Culberson JamBayou (9p)

Mobile DeathcampWormhole (from GWAR); heavy stuff (10p)

Wednesday 16th
Protomen, OmingnomeWormhole; Protomen theatrical rock, sounds pretty good.  I always enjoy seeing Omingnome (10p)
Sara Lee, Dip, Giving Up, RivalsHang Fire (10p)

Thursday 17th
Jason BibleRocks (9p)
Craig TannerMolly’s (10p)
EverymenJinx (10p)

Friday 18th
Bottles & CansJazz’d (9p); blues
Dethlehem, Hot PlateJinx (10p); sounds heavy
Eric Culberson – Molly MacPherson’s (10p); blues from one of Savannah’s best blues guitarists

Saturday 19th
???? – Wormhole – SPECIAL SHOW (check back Thursday or read above)
England In 1819, Each & Every OpusJinx; heavy show
Epic CycleMolly’s; always worth seeing, Molly’s is a good spot for them.
Drivin’ & Cryin’ (8p), Collective Soul (9p) – RH Seafood Fest – If I wasn’t going to Wormhole, this is where I would go.  I love Drivin’ & Cryin’, you will know a lot of their songs.

Tuesday 22nd
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy
Cult Babies, Sauna Heat, Wet SocksHang Fire (10p)

As always, go see some live music THIS week.

Larry Jack