Graph Rabbit with Blackrune at Dollhouse Productions tonight

If you’re still looking for something to do tonight (Friday), don’t forget about Graph Rabbit with local opener Blackrune at Dollhouse Productions.

Click here for the Facebook invitation.

Niche record release with Sauna Heat and Omingnome at The Jinx Friday

Another great gig at The Jinx tonight: Niche‘s release of The Other Side of the End, plus Sauna Heat and Omingnome.

Check out this great review of Niche’s new album by Bill DeYoung in Connect.

Here’s “Booze and Sin” from the new record: Here’s the whole album for sampling and purchasing:

Charlie and the Foxtrots play The Sentient Bean on Thursday

Once you listen to the EP The Evergreen, I’m betting that a fair number of you now would like to hear a live set from Charlie and the Foxtrots, a six-piece band currently based in Nashville. (Note: the Bandcamp embed here has been a little glitchy, but it’s worth the wait if it doesn’t start immediately.)

I’d never heard of Charlie and the Foxtrots until a good friend recommended the band enthusiastically last week as soon as she saw they were headed to Savannah. Between that recommendation and the excellent EP released this past summer, I know where I’m hoping to be on Thursday evening.

Btw, one of the members was raised in Statesboro, Ga., and another in nearby Brooklet.

Charlie and the Foxtrots will take the stage at The Sentient Bean at 13 East Park Ave. here in Savannah on Thursday, Oct. 3. The Bean is an all-ages venue that starts the shows at 8 p.m. There’s a $5 suggested donation for this one. Beer and wine are available, along with the coffeeshop’s other drinks and tasty vegetarian menu.

Earworm of the week – Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub

Thunder Clatter by Nashville’s Wild Cub is my earworm this week, and coincidentally they just signed to Mom and Pop a few days back. Have a listen and tell me what you think. Nothing deep here, just some fun music… perfect for rolling down the windows and turning up the volume on a late night ride home like tonight.

Wild Cub is playing The Masquerade in Atlanta November 9.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour (10/1-10/7)

Hey guys,

As I begin to write this, I wonder if anyone will look at the blog again this week? I plan to do the blog a little different this week, I will make changes on the schedule throughout the week. So, if you happen to look at this to see the night’s entertainment, be sure to check the day you are going out, as the list should be updated.

I hope that a few of y’all got out to see some kind of music last week. There were some really good shows.  I really enjoyed Watermelon Slim & The Workers at the Savannah Jazz Festival — you don’t get to see someone jump into the pool with a live microphone very often. I knew I could trust Skip Jennings & Co. I will be sure to catch People’s Blues At Richmond next time through, it was an exciting, but brief, show at Congress Street Social Club. And I knew I would enjoy Paleface at the Jinx, but I didn’t think I would like Little Tybee so much.

I am not sure if I will be out earlier in the week, but I will give you some recommendations of where I would be if I could.

Tuesday 10/1

Ray Lundy at Foxy Loxy (8pm) – This will be really good blues.

Sincerely, Iris at Jazz’d – Not my favorite venue, but I think this will be the last chance to see Sincerely, Iris for a while

Sauna Heat, Wet Socks, Potential Lunatics at Hang Fire (10pm) – I saw Wet Socks twice last week, really enjoyed them, two-piece electric band

Wednesday 10/2

Epic Cycle at The Warehouse (8pm)

Apparitions at The Warehouse (8pm) – Guitar rock

Thursday 10/3

Apparitions at The Warehouse (8pm) – Guitar rock

AcousticA at Jazz’d – Blues duo (from Bottles & Cans)

Eric Culberson at Bayou Café – Electric blues

Sauna Heat, The Potential Lunatics, Wet Socks at Hang Fire Tuesday

Another promising weeknight show at Hang Fire, the unpredictable bar at 37 Whitaker St. here in Savannah.

Sauna Heat and Wet Socks are local garage rock bands with distorted vocals and driving beats. Sauna Heat is fronted by Michael Younker, whose solo work was spotlighted here; the duo Wet Socks is made up of guitarist and singer Hunter Jayne and drummer John Zimmerman.

Sauna Heat’s new Sharkbait EP cassettes have just arrived, and Singles – 2012 was released by the London label Fuzzbook.

And then there’s The Potential Lunatics, the alt/indie/punk brother and sister duo of Emma Simons-Araya (guitar, vocals) and Isaac Simons-Araya (drums, vocals).

I especially like the second track here, “Witch Cakes”:

Click here for the Facebook invitation.

global spotlight: Woodkid

This is a post by Kayne Lanahan who heads up MusicFile Productions, parent company of Savannah Stopover and Revival Fest. Kayne is a longtime music blogger who will be writing here occasionally, with an emphasis on national and international acts that catch her ear. From Kayne Lanahan:

…for fans of: Beirut, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Antony & the Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright

The Golden Age Is Over. Or Is It?

woodkid-golden-age-coverYoann Lemoine is a french born music video director and graphic designer turned singer/songwriter/composer who performs under the stage name Woodkid. His debut album, The Golden Age, which was released earlier this year, is a lofty and ambitious project that has taken Europe by storm, juxtaposing uneven critical reviews with sold out concerts and obsessive fans. He has just been tapped as one of four global artists in Absolut Vodka’s new “Transform Today” worldwide ad campaign.

The Golden Age is an autobiographical album about the journey from childhood to adulthood, and the minute you hit the 1:35 mark in the first and title track, you know that you are in for a ride. As Lemoine sings, in his slightly disembodied yet calming neo-folk voice, that “the golden age is over”, you immediately get the sense that it’s not. The music begins to literally gallop out of your speakers, filled with lush horns and massive orchestration. It’s big and cinematic and empowering and hushed at the same time. It’s both ancient and modern, with scores of classical references and yet impossibly hard to pin down; making it one of the most interesting and unique albums of the year.

Little Tybee, Paleface, Triathalon at The Jinx – photos

What a diverse and compelling mix of styles and performers on Saturday night at The Jinx: Little Tybee, Paleface, and Triathalon.

It was a late night: when I got there about 10:40, there weren’t even any instruments on stage. But soon the stage and the club filled up.

Here are three photos, with more after the jump:




Click on through for more pics:

more photos from the Savannah Jazz Festival

I popped in and out of the Savannah Jazz Festival in Forsyth Park on Friday night. I missed the University of North Florida’s stellar ensemble, but I did catch most of the sets by the Robin Sherman Quartet, The Greg Lewis Trio, and Jeremy Davis & The Equinox Orchestra.

It was a beautiful night in the park, and tonight (Saturday) looks to be at least as nice — just cool enough to give a taste of fall, with clear skies above.

I was especially excited to see and hear Robin Sherman, a Savannah native who is finishing up school and studying bass at Florida State University. Robin said he might head to grad school somewhere next year but is weighing his options. The pianist for the ensemble was Brendan Polk, another Savannah Arts Academy graduate who is wrapping up his undergrad degree in Tallahassee.



A couple of dozen more pics:

a few photos from the Savannah Jazz Festival’s Blues Night in the park

What a glorious day we’re having as I write this. It’s going to be a perfect Friday night for performances in Forsyth Park on the penultimate day of the Savannah Jazz Festival.

For the lineup and a few tips for enjoying the action, check out our post from earlier this week.

The early evening sprinkles and generally humid weather might have scared a few folks off last night, but the crowd was pretty good by the time Blues Night really got rolling.

The “bandshell” in Forsyth makes for a great backdrop from a distance, and the sound was pretty much perfect in clarity and volume.

But even Watermelon slim noted the “pond” and “moat” between him and the audience after he dropped a harmonica into the turned-off fountain. He seemed to want to get closer to the audience and kept walking out in front of the monitors.

I caught a little bit of Eric Culberson Band’s set, and then most of the sets by E.G. Kight and Watermelon Slim & The Workers.

One pic of each act here with more after the jump:



More pics:

Little Tybee, Paleface, and Triathalon play The Jinx Saturday 09/28

This Saturday promises to be a great night for live music in Savannah. Not only is the Savannah Jazz Festival wrapping up in Forsyth Park, but the bill at The Jinx is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while.  The first time I saw local favorites Little Tybee, it was in a now defunct quasi legal space called the Co-Lab on East Broad. Situated in a tiny rented space just north of Gwinnett, with a tiny window unit air conditioner located high in the corner. Of course the window unit wasn’t running, the room was packed with people which made it even hotter than outside. Locals will recognize that thick heat that clings to your skin and seems unique to Savannah. It was also a BYOB situation, so my friend David and I hiked up Gwinnett to the Kroger and grabbed a couple of six packs of PBR tall boys. On returning we found other friends had an insulated bag, yet by then their ice had melted and most of us just opted to hang on to the remains of our six pack as the show started. As it turns out, Little Tybee was so good we nearly forgot about the heat and our warm beer. I’ve been a fan ever since. On first listening to them, you might be tempted to try and pigeonhole the music that just seems to flow naturally from these six musicians, but I’ve found it’s best just to sit back, forget about genres, and enjoy the set. You’ll be glad you did.

Paleface is also on the bill, and like his last time or two in Savannah he’ll be playing with Mo Samalot on drums. Schooled by the great Daniel Johnston in songwriting, discovered by Danny Fields, and first heard by me on an early Avett Brothers album, this guy is someone you don’t want to miss. I saw Paleface and Mo last at The Wormhole, and their infectious energy and great songwriting made an impact despite the mediocre crowd. In the video below, you’ll hear Scott Avett on Paleface’s show at Raido Perfecto one night – “Seeing Paleface was like seeing Neil Young and Tom Waits combined… he was barkin’, and singin’, and just throwing passion out.”

Finally, we come to locals Triathalon.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 9/24 – 9/28

With this first installment, hissing lawns introduces an ongoing series of posts by Larry Jack Sammons, who probably goes to more gigs than anyone in Savannah. From Larry Jack:

Hello blog-land. My name is Larry Jack Sammons. Some of you know me, and those that don’t would probably recognize “that old guy with a big smile that I see at EVERY show”, although most of you are kind enough to leave out the “old” part. After receiving dozens (well, at least one half-dozen) requests, and being threatened with a GPS tracker, I decided to place my schedule/recommendations on this blog.

Different things can affect what I put on the Music Tour. Of course, logistics come into play. Being an old man, I can’t ride my bicycle to the Southside, so it has to be a special show for me to head south of Victory. And although they sometimes have better music than downtown, Tybee is usually a no-no for me.  Also, I tend to avoid yuppie-type bars.  I am more of a dive-bar kind of guy.

Enough running my mouth, here is the schedule for this week.

Tuesday 24th (I’m planning on staying home, but here are some recommendations)

Hitman at The Warehouse (8pm)

Ricardo & Sasha at Foxy Loxy Cafe (8:30pm)

Eric Culberson Jam Night at Bayou Cafe

Wednesday 25th

Velvet Caravan at Savannah Jazz Festival (Habersham & 63rd) (6pm) – If you have never seen these guys, you have got to go to this show. It’s at 6p, there are places to eat, no excuses. If you think you don’t like gypsy-jazz, you are wrong. This is some of Savannah’s finest players, they even make me feel like dancing.

I am planning an early night, but if you make it back downtown, I would recommend

Hitman at Bay Street Blues

Jon Lee’s Apparitions at The Warehouse (8pm)

Thursday 26th

Savannah Jazz Festival at Forsyth Park (Blues Night) – My favorite night of the Festival. Eric Culberson (7p), EG Knight (8:15), and Watermelon Slim & The Workers (9:30). I don’t know the later acts, but I trust the festival’s and Skip Jennings’ choices.

After the Jazz Festival, I’ll be heading downtown for either (possibly both):

Georgia Kyle at The Warehouse (8p – 11:30) – You really want to see him play his cigar box guitar

Craig Tanner & Friends at Molly MacPherson’s (10pm)- Guitarist-songwriter and very nice guy

The tour schedule continues after the jump.