Filligar and Mikaela Davis unite for video of “Too Late”

In early August, the rock band Filligar played a great gig at The Jinx supported by harpist/singer-songwriter Mikaela Davis and her excellent musicians. That was yet another show promoted by MusicFile Productions, the parent company of Savannah Stopover.

None of us knew what to expect from Davis — not used to seeing harps at The Jinx — but she was captivating on stage, and the four boys from Filligar built layer upon layer deep into the night. I’m pretty sure I was still there when the lights came up.

So what a nice surprise today to see that the two acts collaborated on this “spiritualized cover” of “Too Late” while they were out on the road. Definitely worth turning this one up and taking it full screen:

I got some pretty good photos that night at The Jinx, which I originally posted to Savannah Unplugged. Here are a couple of them, with more after the jump. The last few photos are of both bands joining forces for “I Shall Be Released” — and also joined by bartender/musician Tony Beasley/Whiskey Dick.



Triathalon’s east coast tour starts Wed., 12/4

Triathalon — one of the top young bands in Savannah, and maybe in the Southeast — heads out this week on a tour presented by our friends at The Blue Indian. From TBI:

We caught wind of these guys in early 2011 and have since featured them in a number of ways. If you’ve listened to’s 3rd compilation, you’ll be quite familiar with the opening track, “Teenager”, from TRIATHALON’s Relationchips EP.

Since then, the guys in TRIATHALON have gone on to support Rubblebucket, Dan Deacon, Beach Day, JuBee & the Morning After, Heyrocco, FUTUREBIRDS, New Madrid, Dent May, Young Buffalo, and more.

We’ve written about Triathalon a number of times here at hissing lawns and, before that, I posted about the band at Savannah Unplugged.

Click on through for more on Bandcamp:

And here’s the full tour. We’ll update this here if things change, and I’m sure The Blue Indian will update info too.

We’ll also be following Triathalon’s Facebook page while they’re out on tour.

Dec 04: The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom, Macon, GA – with sunDollars
Dec 05: WonderRoot, Atlanta, GA – with sunDollars, WoolFolk, 100 Watt Horse
Dec 06: Buffingtons, Milledgeville, GA – with Tha Hugs
Dec 07: [pending], Athens, GA
Dec 08: Conundrum Music Hall, West Columbia, SC – with Small Sanctions, MyBrother MySister, YOSEF
Dec 09: Thomas Street Tavern, Charlotte, NC – with New Madrid
Dec 10: Slim’s, Raleigh, NC – with New Madrid
Dec 11: Orton’s, Wilmington, NC – with New Madrid
Dec 12: PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA – with DRGN KING, The Districts
Dec 13: The Candy Barrel, New Brunswick, NJ – with DRGN KING
Dec 14: Cake Shop, New York, NY – with DRGN KING
Dec 15: [pending], Brooklyn, NY – with DRGN KING, New Madrid
Dec 16: The Outer Space, Hamden, CT – with New Madrid
Dec 19: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, Charlottesville, VA – with New Madrid, Post Sixty Five
Dec 20: Radio Room, Greenville, SC – with New Madrid, Small Sanctions
Dec 21: [pending], Chattanooga, TN
Dec 22: Tin Roof, Charleston, SC – with Small Sanctions

Triathalon lead singer Adam Intrator in a recent gig at The Jinx

Triathalon lead singer Adam Intrator in a recent gig at The Jinx

The Business + The Attack at The Jinx – photos

I often hear complaints that Savannah doesn’t get enough punk shows, and that the bands that do play are usually on the metal side of the punk spectrum. Well, make no mistake, Saturday night at The Jinx was a punk show, street punk or Oi! if you want to get more specific. The crowd was an interesting mix of Jinx regulars, drinkers, out of towners, and even some Doc Marten/suspenders/white tee shirt dudes that I don’t often see at Savannah shows. Overall, a really strong turnout and a great night of music.

Orlando based punk/hardcore crew The Attack opened the night with a classic sound that The Jinx crowd warmed to after a couple songs. The energetic songs and breakdowns quickly got the crowd moving and a lively pit lasted through much of the set. The Attack was really entertaining and I’d love to see them come through town on a regular basis.

The Business, of course, was the highlight of the night. Micky Fitz’s Oi! outfit has been touring and recording since the late 70’s, and it shows, in the best possible way. During the first song, though, I started to worry that they were just going through the motions, another reunion tour where the band sounds great but it’s obvious their hearts aren’t in it. Thankfully, Mickey Fitz was just sizing up the crowd and the energy level really built, both on stage and off. There was a lot of beer in the air (literally), a stage dive(!), a little crowd surfing and a really active pit. The band was really polished and sounded awesome with their anthemic singalongs about drinking and soccer. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Plenty more pictures after the jump.



Os Mutantes + Capsula at Dollhouse – more photos

Another great show from the Savannah Stopover crew last week, ranking up there with The Glands at The Wormhole and Pokey LaFarge at the Ships of the Sea Museum in terms of flat out coolness. I really like the space at the Dollhouse, too, I’m looking forward to more shows there.

I wouldn’t have guessed that an old….errr…I mean seasoned Brazilian guy would have been one of the best guitarists I would see this year, but there you have it. The songs are great, but Os Mutantes‘ Sergio Dias Baptista made the guitar work look effortless, with really awesome unexpected chord changes and occasionally a nasty (in a good way) tone that would make a lot of punk and metal guitarists jealous. Really, really interesting to me.

I loved Capsula, too. Solid, punky songs performed by musicians who are obviously having a blast playing them? Sign me up. I think a lot of people were really surprised and by the end of the set they had everyone’s attention. Just plain fun.

Same deal as always, a couple photos here, click through for more. (Bill also posted a gallery last week.)



The Casket Girls headlining Graveface Roadshow 2014 in February & March

The current dates from Graveface Records’ Facebook event for the Graveface Roadshow 2014 featuring The Casket Girls, The Stargazer Lilies, Dreamend, and Dott (for Seattle and later):

2/14/2014 Atlanta GA 529
2/16/2014 Washington DC DC9
2/18/2014 New York NY Mercury Lounge (No Dreamend)
2/19/2014 Philadelphia PA Johnny Brenda’s
2/20/2014 Allston MA Great Scott
2/21/2014 Montreal QC Casa Del Popolo
2/22/2014 Toronto ON The Garrison
2/23/2014 Grand Rapids MI Founders Brewery, Co.
2/24/2014 Chicago IL Empty Bottle
2/25/2014 Minneapolis MN Triple Rock Social Club
2/26/2014 Fargo ND The Aquarium
2/28/2014 Missoula MT VFW
3/1/2014 Seattle WA The Vera Project
3/2/2014 Portland OR Holocene
3/4/2014 San Francisco CA Bottom of the Hill
3/6/2014 Los Angeles CA The Echo
3/7/2014 San Diego CA The Void
3/12/2014 Austin TX SXSW
3/13/2014 Austin TX SXSW
3/14/2014 Austin TX SXSW
3/15/2014 Austin TX SXSW
3/22/2014 Savannah GA venue TBA

Other bands and dates will be added to the tour.

We’ve previously mentioned The Casket Girls’ upcoming album True Love Kills the Fairy Tale. The band and the album got a nice mention from Brooklyn Vegan this week. BV also embedded the stream of “Same Side”, the opening track on the album:

Here’s a shot I took of The Casket Girls at an in-store session at Marc Jacobs here in Savannah:


Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 11/27/13-12/3/13

Hey guys,

Thanksgiving week!  I guess I get to post a “I am thankful for…” blurb, and I can say it is definitely written from the heart.  First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife, Susan, who puts up with my crazy shenanigans.  I know that I couldn’t be doing the things that I love without her tolerance.  Second, I am thankful that I live in such a beautiful city.  I was born and raised in this town and I am still amazed at the beauty of our city.  I know that we have plenty of problems in Savannah, but we should always remember and enjoy the unique charm of our city.  One more thing (and last, I know most of you are tired of reading this stuff anyway) that I am grateful for is the many new music-related friends I have made over the last couple of years.  Words cannot express how much positive energy I feel when I am out musicin’.  I wish I could bottle it and give it to everyone, because I believe the Savannah Music Scene is the best medicine out there.  And I’m a nurse!
Enough sappiness.  Time for recommendations.

Wednesday 11/27
Epic CycleWarehouse
WormsloeSandfly Bar & Grill (10p) – I’m probably going to make a rare trip back to the Southside for this guitar-rock band from Savannah.

Thursday 11/28
TimeCop Vs DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s
Turkey CallersCongress Street Social Club (10p) – Members of Bottles & Cans, Whiskey Dick, and Damon & The Shitkickers.  Possibly others, possibly less.  There is a reason they are called the Turkey Callers (think Wild Turkey, not Thanksgiving Turkey)

Ted Browne – Molly MacPherson’s (10p) – Thanksgiving music from the frontman of Passafire.  A good night to wander from Social to Molly’s, if you can stand the cold.

Friday 11/29
Jon Lee’s ApparitionsMoon River (6p)
Danielle HicksZunzi’s II
Tail Light Rebellion Jinx

Saturday 11/30
RosiesMoon River (6p)
Jimmy Wolling BandMolly MacPherson’s – Bluegrass music
VersatileCongress Street Social Club – Dance rock

Sunday 12/1

Steppin’ Stones – City Market (5:30-8:30) – Classic rock covers with some originals.  Really a very fun band.

Tuesday 12/3
Corey and Aaron (from City Hotel) – Foxy Loxy Cafe – This should be a very good show at a unique location
Crazy Bag Lady, Sins Of Godless Men, Hot Plate, Forced EntryHang Fire

Prince is NOT playing Savannah on July 17, 2014

OK, we got punked today, as did a lot of people, by a recirculating article from way back in the day on Billboard The album referenced in the piece came out in 2001.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

Prince is not playing Savannah in 2014.

Futurebirds + New Madrid + Triathalon at The Jinx for Savannah Stopover announcement – photos

Savannah Stopover announced 37 of the acts performing at the 2014 festival (March 6-8) during a brilliant, sold out show headlined by Futurebirds at The Jinx last Thursday night. (Click here for our post about the initial lineup; lots more bands will be added later.)

Triathalon — a Savannah-based quartet with a sound evolving from surf rock into something more complex — opened the show. They’ll be headed off next week on an East Coast tour presented by The Blue Indian.

Then New Madrid took the stage — and took over the stage. I love when bands have their own lights, and I don’t just say that because I’m a sometime-photographer. The lights melded perfectly with the dense, upbeat sound.

And then came Futurebirds, performing in Savannah since their 2012 Savannah Music Festival gig at Trustees Theater — a venue about 10x the capacity as The Jinx.

Some photos of Futurebirds, with more of all three bands after the jump:




James Franco and Seth Rogen make a brilliant parody of Kanye’s video “Bound 2” – probably NSFW

NSFW. Unless your workplace is dripping with ironic pop culture references and general irreverence.

James Franco and Seth Rogen, who are apparently filming The Interview together, have done a shot by shot reconstruction of the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian video for “Bound 2”.

Here’s “Bound 3 (Vague)” with Rogen and Franco:


Os Mutantes + Capsula at Dollhouse – photos

Thanks to MusicFile Productions, parent company of Savannah Stopover, for putting together last Wednesday’s gig at Dollhouse Productions with Os Mutantes, the legendary Brazilian band that was formed nearly 50 years ago, and Capsula, a thrilling young rock trio from Buenos Aires who now have a lot of fans in Savannah.

Now that Dollhouse has beer and wine and has put on a significant number of shows, the big room’s value to the Savannah scene is becoming clearer and clearer.

First, Os Mutantes, who near the end of their set called three Brazilian boys up on stage to sing along with a traditional tune. There are more of Os Mutantes and of course of Capsula after the jump. Click for larger versions.





Heyrocco, DAMS, Hudson K, Fare the Gap at Hang Fire – photos

The No Control party last weekend at Hang Fire featured an incredibly varied lineup. With the low stage, the narrow bar on Whitaker Street gives fans the chance to get right up next to the music. Angel Bond, the CUSSES’s lead singer who is one of the No Control organizers, brought in some of her band’s stage lights, which gave me a chance to get a few shots.

I’ll present these in small sets with a few words about the bands — first Heyrocco, then DAMS, then Hudson K, then Fare the Gap. So there will be more photos and text after the jump.

Heyrocco, the evening’s headliner from Charleston, has a big following around Savannah from their multiple gigs here over the last couple of years. I don’t see many bands that I think have a combination of talent, drive, passion, creativity, and even the look to make it big, but Heyrocco is on my short list. I’m really excited for the upcoming album, which could vault them into much bigger rooms than Hang Fire. (Or not. The music business is plenty fickle.)



Savannah Stopover announces 2014 lineup (well, a lot of it)

The full 2014 Savannah Stopover lineup, including a few headliners and participating local bands, won’t be released till January, but many of the acts were announced on Thursday night at The Jinx during a show headlined by Futurebirds. This would be a great lineup even if more bands weren’t going to be added to it. So much music, so little time.

Savannah Stopover, scheduled for March 6-8 and entering its 4th year, is an up and coming indie music festival that has been attracting considerable national attention and has become a favorite of musicians. (Really, who doesn’t want to come to Savannah in March?) The festival has its name because so many of the acts are “stopping over” on their way to SXSW the following weekend in Austin. Click here for tickets. [UPDATE: After some downtime, the Savannah Stopover website appears to be working fine again.]

In 2013, Savannah Stopover hosted a huge free party headlined by of Montreal in Forsyth Park. The 2014 community concert will be in Ellis Square on Saturday, March 8th. The lineup for that show has not been announced yet, but it should be a lovely Saturday — with the outdoor concert finishing before the action moves to the nearby clubs.

And here are the bands announced on Thursday (schedules are of course subject to change this far out; returning Stopover acts marked with an asterisk*):

  • Weekend
  • Small Black
  • Those Darlins
  • Speedy Ortiz
  • Public Service Broadcasting
  • Matrimony
  • The Weeks
  • Tweens
  • Ski Lodge
  • Ex Hex
  • Big UPS
  • Starlight Girls
  • Bear Hands
  • Miniature Tigers
  • St. Paul & The Broken Bones
  • Caitlin Rose
  • The Belle Game
  • Hurray for the Riff Raff
  • T Hardy Morris
  • Pile
  • You Won’t*
  • Clear Plastic Masks
  • Bleeding Rainbow
  • ARP
  • River Whyless*
  • Los Colognes
  • PitchBlak Brass Band
  • Milagres*
  • The Whiskey Gentry
  • this mountain*
  • Raccoon Fighter
  • Weekender
  • The Teen Age
  • Easter Island
  • Good Graeff
  • Thomas Wynn & The Believers
  • The Silver Palms

I don’t know all of these acts, but there are some that I’m especially excited about seeing, including:

Caitlin Rose:

The Weeks:

Public Service Broadcasting:

Public Service Broadcasting – Signal 30 from Alex Kemp on Vimeo.

Those Darlins:

But that’s just a quick sample. We’ll have previews of a number of performers that we’re most excited about in the weeks leading up to Stopover.

I’ve taken some photos of a few of these acts.

Here’s Matrimony at this year’s Revival Fest (another production of Stopover’s parent company MusicFile Productions):