Anna C.’s Year in Review

Y’all, I am SO. EXCITED. There’s something really wonderful about sifting through your photos and calendars to recall all the shows you went to in 2013 (and I know I am forgetting a ton) and being overwhelmed by the level and talent that came through and cultivated in Savannah this year. I am thrilled looking at what January 2014 already holds (Lucero? Priests? YES, please!). Despite being engrossed in Savannah’s music scene for several years now, this is the first year I look back–and forward–and really feel like I’m beginning to live in a music town.

I remember the first Savannah Stopover in 2011–my friends and I dashing down Congress, frantically checking our watches against the schedule, and in the midst of it all we paused and realized, “This never happens.” There was never such a selection on a weekend that we had to make sacrifices (“Okay, we’ll be a little late to Murder By Death…” “How fast do you think I can run up the stone steps from Live Wire to The Jinx with a go-cup in my hand?” [answer: with a cheetah’s speed and a gazelle’s grace, thanks])—but now, in 2013, that’s the norm–and not just on a festival night, but on any given weekend. These days, I’ve perfected my Cobblestone Canter and can even expertly run between shows in heels with a Solo cup of moonshine in hand (thanks, Stopover sponsor/city-wide hangover inducer Midnight Moonshine [still got mixed feelings toward you]).

Petee Worrell’s Year in Review

I’ll be honest, when I first moved to Savannah a little over a year and a half ago, I was fairly hesitant about making the transition. The thought of having to leaving my local haunts and the relationships I’d developed back in Atlanta was pretty daunting, especially since I’d never actually been to Savannah before. However, now that I’ve gotten myself settled into the city, I feel as if I’ve been here for far longer than just a year and a half. I’ve developed a connection with this city that probably runs just as deep as the connection I made with Atlanta in less than half the time, which is definitely saying something coming from a relative introvert like myself. All that being said, I thought it’d be pretty appropriate to wrap up the year with a post detailing some of the biggest happenings that hit the city over the past year from the eyes of a relative newcomer to the scene.

mumbledust releases new EP just in time for a lonely, quiet Christmas

mumbledust went quietly into hibernation sometime this year; now the Savannah-based folk noir duo of Rachael Perisho and Ryan McCardle has just-as-quietly re-emerged.

mumbledust is scheduled for Graveface Fest 2 and has just released the 3-song Home Alone II. I don’t know if you’ll hear any carolers singing the tracks, but they sure feel more honest than the usual Christmas platitudes . . .

From mumbledust’s Bandcamp page (where you can also hear and download other releases):

track 1 written and recorded by mumbledust.
track 2 was originally written/arranged by steve van zandt; interpreted and recorded by mumbledust. track 3 is a traditional song attributed to king henry viii; interpreted and recorded by mumbledust featuring nadine carina.

mumbledust at the old Starland Dairy in Savannah

mumbledust at the old Starland Dairy in Savannah

impressive Moogfest 2014 lineup includes Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Laurie Anderson, CHIC

Moogfest has been through some changes over the years, but it sure looks like the festival has found firm footing for 2014. Scheduled for April 23-27, 2014, at venues across Asheville, N.C., Moogfest is named in honor of Bob Moog and is billed as a “synthesis of technology, art, and music.”

Among the headliners released a few days ago are Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, CHIC (featuring Nile Rodgers), and Laurie Anderson. (Anderson will also be in the Southeast in 2014 for Spoleto in Charleston.)

Tickets are now on sale. In addition to the great lineup of nighttime performances and label showcases, dozens of daytime speakers have also been scheduled. Both Laurie Anderson and Giorgio Moroder will be speaking in addition to performing.

Dan Deacon is among the performers; here’s one shot I took of him in late 2012 during a show at Dollhouse Productions here in Savannah:

Here are the Moogfest performers who have been announced so far:

The Blind Boys of Alabama close out Stephen Colbert’s carols week

Earlier this fall, the Blind Boys of Alabama released the stunningly good album I’ll Find a Way produced by Justin Vernon.

The band has now closed out the year singing “Go Tell It on the Mountain” to close out Christmas Carols Week with Stephen Colbert:

The Colbert Report
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Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 12/19/13-12/23/13

Hey guys,

Sorry about the late post this week, I’ve been kinda been busy thinking about Christmas shopping.  By the way, shop downtown, you will be surprised how much easier it is than going to the malls.  As expected, it was a very good music week last week.  There were almost too many highlights to mention.  Starting with the Gil Cruz Roast, next night at the Wormhole for the excellent Consider The Source show (I can’t imagine that they will be playing small venues for much longer), then the weekend wrap-up with the Holiday Hoedown at the American Legion (Super great, congrats to all involved) and the American Aquarium show at the Jinx, even into the week with Motor City Josh at Bay Street Blues, this was an excellent week to see music.  Sad to say, but this week is a little slower.  At least it gives me a chance to catch up on Christmas shopping.  There are a few good shows, these are the ones I would recommend.  And, before I forget, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday 12/19

Danielle Hick and the 8-Ohm BandThe Mansion On Forsyth – I expect that Danielle’s musical stylings will fit well into the Mansion vibe, it should be a good time.  This is a part of Eric Britt’s new Songwriter Series.

Jason Bible Warehouse – Solo show from the Train Wrecks’ frontman

TimeCop vs DangerSnakeMolly MacPherson’s – Matt Eckstine and Zac Smith from the Accomplices.  I like to call this drinking music.

Friday 12/20

Bottles & CansRocks On The Roof – I am always gonna catch Bottles & Cans whenever I can, even at Rocks On The Roof

Soul GravyMolly MacPherson’s – Music from another side project from members of the Accomplices.  Last time I saw them, this group consisted of Zac Smith and the lovely Colleen Heine from the Accomplices, along with Cory Chambers of City Hotel.  Should be a good show from some really great musicians.

Saturday 12/21

Les RacquetMolly MacPherson’s – These guys have been highly recommended to me, and I have been trying to catch them for a while.  This looks like the best chance to see them.  And anytime you are at Molly MacPherson’s, you could have a good time.   Just confirmed, they will not be playing Saturday.  I guess I will have to wait on another chance to see them.  They were replaced with another excellent show:

HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s – Garage rock trio from Savannah.  They always put on a good show.  And will probably have you dancing to many tunes that you have never heard covered before.

Lullwater, American MannequinsJinx – Two rock bands from Athens.  Judging from a quick listen on YouTube, Lullwater seems a little heavier than American Mannequins.  As usual, I am expecting an evening of good music at the Jinx.

Monday 12/23

Brett Trammell Warehouse

Craig Tanner’s Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln – You never really know what you are gonna get at an open mic, but Craig and Mr. Williams seldom disappoint.

Graveface Fest 2 features Kylesa, The Casket Girls, more

Graveface Fest 2 is scheduled for March 22, 2014 at Dollhouse Productions. The second Savannah festival sponsored by Graveface Records (under the guidance of Ryan Graveface) has announced a great lineup: Kylesa, The Casket Girls, Dreamend, The Stargazer Lilies, Crazy Bag Lady, Blackrune, and mumbledust. More bands will be added.

The first Graveface Fest in October 2012 was held at Southern Pine Company and was a big success. Click here for a short review and some photos.

We love the Dollhouse space for big events like this, and Kylesa has already packed the place once (click here for pics). Presumably, Kylesa’s hard rock will close out the festival, which includes several bands on the Graveface label and an interesting mix of styles. I’m especially glad to see that the folk noir band mumbledust seems to be gearing up for more performances after many months in the shadows.

More details to come. (Of course, Graveface Fest has already been added to our list of notable upcoming gigs in the Savannah area.)

“Bayou Maharajah” recalls life, legacy of piano great James Booker

James Booker taught piano to a young Harry Connick Jr and taught organ to Dr. John. Filmmaker Lily Keber, who graduated from Savannah Arts Academy in 2000, has captured Booker’s complex, tragic story in the feature-length documentary Bayou Maharajah, which is screening on Thursday, Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center here in Savannah. Check out the trailer:

Bayou Maharajah Trailer from Lily Keber on Vimeo.

Click here for the Facebook invitation. Click here for my post at Savannah Unplugged. Click here for my column in Do.

high spirits, good music at the Homegrown Holiday Hoedown – photos

The American Legion Post #135 ballroom is one of the best spots for live music in the city, but it doesn’t get used all that often. The rent isn’t cheap, and anyone putting on a show has to bring in their own sound system. Plus there’s the size. Yes, the fire capacity is 300, but back in the day the room used to hold far more than that (judging by some photos from the mid-20th century). So if the room isn’t fairly close to capacity, it can wind up feeling and sounding a little empty.

Well, no worries about any of that last Saturday night for the 3rd Annual Homegrown Holiday Hoedown, a hugely successful near-sellout party featuring four Americana bands: The Train Wrecks, The Accomplices, The New Familiars, and American Hologram. The event also brought in tons of Toys for Tots donations, assuring that the good energy from the night will ripple through the community for a long time.

I love the ballroom, but it’s always frustrating to take photos of bands on the stage. And the space was pretty dark for the Hoedown, as it should have been, but it made it hard to shoot without flash (and I pretty much never use flash). And then there were the red and green lights . . . Anyway, just kvetching. I used my low-end zoom lens and got a few decent shots of The New Familiars and The Accomplices. You can see some of Jon Waits’ excellent photos on the Facebook event page. A couple here and more after the jump:



Gregg Allman, The National, and Stephen Colbert sing “Silver Bells”

It’s apparently Christmas Carols Week on The Colbert Report:

The Colbert Report
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Colbert is slated to sing with Cyndi Lauper and others through the week.

Band of Horses playing acoustic Savannah show on March 3, 2014

Well Savannah’s Music March just got a little better. We have both Savannah Stopover and Savannah Music Festival in March, but we’re also on Band of Horses’ acoustic tour.

From the band’s Facebook page:

Georgia! Band of Horses has just added an acoustic Savannah show. The pre-sale will begin Wednesday at 10am. Please check back here tomorrow for the link and password.

March 3 Savannah, GA – Savannah College of Art and Design

Presumably, that show will be at SCAD’s Trustees Theater.

It will be the band’s 3rd Savannah appearance. BOH played the SMF in 2011 and an amazing show at The Wormhole a couple of months ago — surely one of the smallest venues they’ve played in years.

We’ll keep you posted on news about the March show. (You might want to follow us on Facebook.)

UPDATE: The band originally posted the date as March 4th, but the show is apparently on the 3rd.

UPDATE: Tickets are now on sale at the Savannah Box Office. If you’re asked for a password, here it is: ACOUSTIC

It looks like the show will sell out on Wednesday. I don’t know if Trustees Theater is holding back some tickets for SCAD students — most of whom aren’t even in town right now since the fall quarter ended before Thanksgiving.

Band of Horses at The Wormhole in October 2013

Band of Horses at The Wormhole in October 2013

A new guitar technique demonstrated by Little Tybee’s Josh Martin

Check it out:

If you’ve never seen or heard Little Tybee, then you really ought to check out the latest album For Distant Viewing and listen for Martin’s guitar in the mix:

Here’s Martin and the rest of the band in a Savannah Stopover gig in March at Congress Street Social Club: