Velvet Caravan record release show at Trinity – more photos

We’ve already posted some great photos by Jon Waits of Velvet Caravan‘s performance at Trinity United Methodist Church for the release of Acoustic in Nature. The show was part of the new series “Trinity Sanctuary Concerts.”

I had my camera that night too, although I had the wrong lens for the conditions, I think, and need to rethink my whole strategy if I’m going to shoot music at Trinity again. But I got a few shots worth sharing. Here’s one, more after the jump.


Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/13/14-2/18/14

Hi guys,
Well, as usual, it was another exciting weekend downtown. The Marin Sexton show at the Wormhole on Wednesday was a very enjoyable show. He has a great voice (I was told 5 octave range, whatever that means) and was really a fascinating singer. His fans are a very respectful group and were definitely there to listen to the show. I hope he comes back to Savannah soon, I will be sure to catch him the next time through. Friday’s Beatles Celebration at the American Legion was a complete success. Hats off to Tom, Colleen, Jim, Roy, and, I am sure, many others for a job well-done. Sadly, I missed the beginning of the show, but I really enjoyed everything I saw. Even when one of the bands showed up (slightly) late, the show continued to flow well.  I would also like to congratulate the members of GAM for their excellent choices of Beatles covers (I’m Down, Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey, Revolution #9 (!), and Wild Honey Pie). I hope many of you stayed for the surprise finale from Skip Jennings, Skip Hinely, Keith Kozel, and Ricardo Ochoa, it was great fun. Here’s hoping for the Rolling Stones Ed Sullivan Anniversary Show I saw suggested earlier!

On to the suggestions for this week.  Looks like it’s another busy weekend.

Thursday 2/13

Eric CulbersonBayou Café – Blues at one of my favorite blues bars around.

Iron Regan (hardcore punk metal), Crazy Bag Lady (fracas) – Jinx

Friday 2/14 (when and why did Valentine’s Day become such a good music night?)

COEDS (ruckus & roll), Southern Femisphere (punk rock), Rubrics (punk rock) – Graveface Records (7p)

City Hotel (bluegrass) – Dub’s (8p)

Hypnotics (60’s garage rock) – Molly MacPherson’s (10p) – One of my favorite party bands at a great pub.

Lovely Locks, Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque RevueJinx (10p) – What could be better than spending Valentine’s Day with Anna, Crystina, and Britt?

Saturday 2/15

Savannah BazaarSouthern Pines Co. (1p-6:30) then Wormhole (7p-2a) – (The Lifers, Omingnome, Crazy Bag Lady, Dope Sandwich, KidSyc, Shapes and Their Names, Baked Alaska, Beneath Trees, Eric Culberson, Faeryteeth, Elephant Fire) – I haven’t seen a schedule for this yet, but there are several good bands listed.

Beatles v Stones (2014 Savannah Book Festival) – Lutheran Church of the Ascension Fellowship Hall on Wright Square (2:45) – Author John McMillian will speak on his Beatles v Stones book. I know who I am voting for.

Waits & CoBlowin Smoke – I am glad to see music back at the Smoke. I always enjoy seeing Jon, Markus and Coy playing their Americana music.

JuciferJinx (10p) – Blackened Doom/Sludge/Deathdrone/Grindgaze/Brutal Folk.  I may feel like getting my ears melted off tonight.

AccomplicesDoc’s Bar on Tybee (9p) – The Accomplices will be celebrating St. Practice Day at Doc’s.  Not sure if I can make it out there, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the Tybee area this Saturday. And, you never know, I may see you out there.

Monday 2/17

Full Of Hell (grinding death in the form of hardcore punk), Mutilation Rites (black/doom/crust metal)  – Jinx – I probably won’t make it to the Jinx this night, because my ears will still be ringing from Jucifer on Saturday.

Tuesday 2/1

England In 1819, Grimey, SunglowHang Fire – England in 1819 has a French horn.  That is enough to interest me.

AcousticAJazz’d – I hope to make it over to Jazz’d to catch Ray and Mike from Bottles & Cans doing their blues thing.

Bear Fight!, Bronzed Chorus, and CUSSES @ The Jinx

The old saying goes better late than never right? The Jinx kicked off February with a bang bringing a few of Savannah’s favorite locals in to rock Savannah to its core. First up cam Bear Fight! with their trademark southern influenced metal sound. Sitting somewhere between sludge metal and stoner metal, Bear Fight! is definitely one of the most interesting bands on the metal scene in Savannah currently. Following Bear Fight! came Greensboro’s Bronzed Chorus. The best way of describing their sound is pedal/effects heavy garage rock with some killer drum fills. The duo very much mimics Japandroids not only in band composition, but also in their intensity and overall sound. Rounding out the night was CUSSES. If you aren’t familiar with CUSSES, odds are you’re new to Savannah and that’s okay! Even if you’re new, you can’t go too long without being exposed to their raucous rock sound and energetic shows.

Check out a few shots below and be sure to hit the jump for the full set!






Savannah Stopover 2014 Spotlight: Tweens

If you’re a regular frequenter of this blog (as any music enthusiast in Savannah should be!), you’re likely well aware that the 2014 Savannah Stopover is quickly approaching. I hope that, like many of us here at hissing lawns, you’ve already begun to plan out how you’ll spend the three days and who are your own personal “must see” bands of this year. If you haven’t, I’d highly recommend using the Scheduling function on the official Stopover page, it’ll make keeping track of all of the artists and their set times much easier. In order to help you get the most out of your Stopover experience, we’ll be bringing frequent spotlights on some of our favorite artists at the festival this year.

First up on my own personal list of bands not to be missed is Tweens. While the Midwest is usually known for turning out some great punk and pop-punk bands, Cincinnati’s Tweens is a beast of a different nature. Tweens is very much the band that your little sister managed to get together in high school. That is of course assuming that your little sister’s high school band turned out some great garage rock jams that sported a hefty dose of doo-wop, punk, and pop influence. Equally catchy and thrashy, “Be Mean”, Tweens’ single off of their upcoming, self-titled, debut album, is an instant classic in my book. They’ve coined the description of “trash-pop” for themselves and the phrase seems to fit the bill perfectly for the trio.

Be sure to catch Tweens at 5pm on March 7th at Hang Fire during Stopover this year and stay tuned for more highlights of the festival!

DEAD YET? and Forced Entry at The Jinx – photos

The Savannah music scene is known nationally for heavy metal, but neither band at the well attended show Friday night fits neatly into any of the seemingly endless metal genres. It was the first time I was seeing Forced Entry (I missed them opening for Conquer/Devour and wimped out on the Sunday night Priests show after a three show weekend), but I came away really impressed. They sound like a first generation hardcore punk band, in the vein of Negative Approach, Minor Threat and early Black Flag. I’m really looking forward to seeing them again and seeing how their sound progresses. Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures I liked of their very entertaining set.

DEAD YET?‘s set was a little bittersweet, as their future is vague at this point. It was a release party for their excellent new record An Uncertain Decay, but the band has no plans for the immediate future, and guitarist/co-vocalist Chris “Scary” Adams has moved out of the area. If Friday night ends up being their last show, they definitely went out on a high note, playing their metallic hardcore with a palpable energy and sounding as clean as I’ve ever heard them sound live. Fittingly the members of Black Tusk joined them on stage to finish out the night. The band will be missed but let’s call it a hiatus and hope to see them in the future.

Friday night’s door proceeds went to help Jason Statts and it was nice to see the man himself out and about. Jinx regulars were also out in full force. Very cool on the part of everyone involved. (Check out Jason’s website,, or this piece at Decibel Mag for background.)

dead yet-7

forced entry-2

Band of Horses’ new record “Acoustic at the Ryman” streaming here

You can stream the first four tracks of Band of Horses’ new album below. Click here for the entire stream on BOH’s website with links to iTunes and other sites for purchase.


This is obviously a taste of what some of us are going to enjoy on March 3rd, when Band of Horses’ acoustic tour stops at Trustees Theater on Broughton Street here in Savannah. Sort of amusingly, BOH’s tour schedule on the page with the above stream has confused Trustees Theater with the much smaller Morris Center at Trustees Garden.

If you’ve been to this blog before, you probably already know that Band of Horses played an extraordinary show back in October at The Wormhole — a venue that’s a fraction of the size of their usual bookings. We posted pics here and here. A couple of the shots from those posts:

Band of Horses at The Wormhole in October 2013


50 Years Ago Today: A Beatles Celebration – photos

Thanks to Jon Waits of JWaitsphoto for these wonderful images from Friday night’s show at the American Legion Post #135 produced by Savannah Rocks! in honor of the 50 the anniversary of The Beatles’ appearance on Ed Sullivan. Great stuff.






The Casket Girls’ “True Love Kills the Fairy Tale” now available — and streaming here

Earlier this week, Consequence of Sound debuted the stream of The Casket Girls’ new album True Love Kills the Fairy Tale, newly released by Graveface Records. COS also interviewed Ryan Graveface, the head of the label and a member of the band along with sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene.

From Ryan in that interview:

Well, I think the biggest thing that has changed is that we really set out to make a record this time around. LP1 just kind of happened. On the music side, I sat down one night after drinking copious amounts of homemade absinthe and said to no one, “It’s time to begin writing LP2.” We’ve been super-lucky in this project to where things are just kind of magically happening. The ladies were pretty horrified to play live, as it was supposed to be a recording-only project, but I feel we’ve all embraced everything at this point.

COS calls the album “dream-pop” but I’d like to find another term — maybe twilight-pop? Hypno-pop? You decide:

While the record’s official release date is 2/11, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is now available on CD, tape, and colored wax at Graveface Records & Curiosities at 5 West 40th here in Savannah.

listen to this beautiful Townes Van Zandt cover by John Baizley

Baroness singer John Baizley apparently relearned how to play guitar after the band’s horrible bus crash by playing Townes Van Zandt songs. Now he’s featured on three songs on a new album of Van Zandt covers. Read more about it and listen to his flat out beautiful cover of the classic “If I Needed You” with Katie Jones at Stereogum. It’s truly worth a click.



check out debut EP of Heavy Boots (Rachael Perisho of mumbledust)

Rachael Perisho’s voice would alone distinguish her from pretty much any other musician out there, but combine her captivating vocals with the subtlety of other instruments — like a saw — and you’re left with something really unusual and really beautiful.

Perisho has for the last couple of years been one-half of Savannah-based mumbledust, but now she has released her first solo record, the EP In All The Ways That I Am Small, on the Savannah label Furious Hooves, which is headed by her mumbledust partner Ryan McCardle.

Limited edition cassettes of the EP can be purchased through Furious Hooves on Bandcamp. You can also preview and purchase In All the Ways That I Am Small on iTunes.

On Saturday, 2/8, at 8 p.m., Graveface Records & Curiosities and Furious Hooves will present a show with Heavy Boots supporting Hazel Ra. Click here for the Facebook event info. That looks like it should be a special night.

Savannah Rocks! releases schedule for Beatles’ tribute on 2/7

Savannah Rocks! has sold out the big Beatles tribute show on Friday, 2/7, in the ballroom of the American Legion Post #135 on Bull Street here in Savannah. I’ll freely admit that I’m a little surprised that the big room sold out in advance — it’s a testament to the interest in the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ appearance on Ed Sullivan, a testament to the growing history of rock and roll in Savannah, and a testament to the promotional efforts of the event organizers.

The sellout presents a little bit of a problem too, since the space obviously isn’t meeting the need. Please note that a certain number of $5 tickets will be sold beginning at 9:30 p.m., assuming that some of the ticket holders will be no-shows or will leave early.

Anyway, here’s the lineup, as posted in the Savannah Rocks! Facebook group:

Doors Open @ 6:00:
• The Veraflames 7:00 – 7:30
• Voodoo Soup 7:45 – 8:15
• The Rogues 8:30 – 9:00
• The Bill Avila All-Stars 9:25 – 9:45
• GAM 10:00 – 10:30
• CUSSES 10:45 – 11:15

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 2/6/14 – 2/11/14

Hey guys,
There are several shows of note this week. Martin Sexton is playing at the Wormhole this Wednesday (5th). I have not seen him before, but he has been recommended to me several times since this show was announced. Both of the people that recommended were really singing his praises, so I am expecting a good show. The second show that I would like to point out would be Friday’s American Legion show, 50 Years Ago Today. There are several good bands playing, some that you rarely see this early (Cusses played at 1am last Saturday, Voodoo Soup) and some that rarely play (Veraflames, GAM) and a few I don’t know (Rogues, Bill Avila All Stars). It’s an early start, beautiful venue, and good admission price, what more can you ask for?

Wednesday 5th
Martin SextonWormhole ($20) – His website states “you can call him a soul shouter, a road poet, a folkie, or a rocker and you won’t be wrong”. This show was very highly recommended by a few friends who I trust their taste in music. Please note that this will be an early start, listed as 8pm.
Slackers, DuppiesJinx (10p) – Sax, trombone, trumpet from a couple of ska bands. I hope to stop by the Jinx for a little ska music after the Martin Sexton show.

Friday 7th
50 Years Ago TodayAmerican Legion Ballroom (7p, $15) – Cusses, Veraflames, GAM, Rouges, Voodoo Soup (w/ Jack Sherman), Bill Avila All Stars. I highly recommend this show, it has the potential to be something special.
Dead Yet?, Forced EntryJinx ($2 – Benefit for Jason Statts) – Hardcore punk at the Jinx.
Stereo ReformCongress Street Social Club (10pm) – I really like this dance-rock band and am planning on hitting this show after the Legion show.

Megan Jean and the KFBAbe’s On Lincoln – “Like a metal band if it was 1927”; This is a very good band at one of my favorite venues.

Saturday 8th
Gringo StarJinx – Guitar rock from this Savanah Stopover alumni.
Lobo Marino, Timid Biggots, Hyde, Rotten BlushHang Fire – Lobo Marino page says their music is tribal, folk, world music. I saw a sitar on their Facebook page, that sold me.
Reckless AbandonCongress Street Social Club – Electronic rock 3-piece.

Sunday 9th
Super Museum Sunday (1-4p) – Go see some Savannah museums for free today. It’s not going to get any cheaper than this.
Dead Leaves Traveling Band  – Sentient Bean – I haven’t seen this Americana band in a while, I hope to catch them tonight. This is probably an 8pm show, I’ll try to update later. Per the comment below, this is an 8 p.m. show.
Savannah Songwriters – Tybee Legion – Jason Bible, Andrew Gill, Christina Christian, Shawn Gordon – Nice line-up for this fine songwriter series that alternates between Tybee Legion and Johnny Harris Restaurant.
Hunktronik, Blackrune, Moffenzeef – Graveface (7p)

Tuesday 11th
Aaron Paul ZimmerFoxy Loxy – A rare solo show from the City Hotel guitarist.  This is another show I am looking forward to this week.