Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/24/2021

Hey everyone,

It has been so nice seeing so many old friends at the shows that I have been to. If you have been vaccinated, I feel that it is a good time to be out. There are plenty of shows, many of them are early (Thank You, whomever is responsible for that) and there are a good bit of outside shows, if that makes you more comfortable. Don’t forget, the pandemic showed us what it is like to not have live music. Go support the shows that are out there.

6/25 Friday
HalfAth Festival –
Ships of the Sea (3:30-11p, $20/$22)
Ryan Taito –
Rail Pub (6p)
Markus Kuhlmann –
Foxy Loxy Cafe (6p)
Jason Bible-
Churchill’s (7p)
Joe Nelson & James Pittman –
Jazz’d (7:30p)
Ray Lundy-
Cockspur Grill on Tybee (8p)
Susto –
Service Brewery (SOLD OUT)
Ember City-
Barrelhouse South
Chicago Tribute Band, Thomas Claxton & the Myth-
Coach’s Corner
Dead See Prophets-
T Hardy Morris, Caleb Darnell –
Moodrights (11p, $20)

6/26 Saturday
Keystone Postcard, Whaleboat-
Block Party at Broughton & Montgomery St (12:45p)
Half Ath Festival –
El Rocko (4p, $10)
Timesawyer Band –
Service Brewery (6p)
502’s –
Congress Street Social Club
Dead Man’s Hand –
Warehouse (8p)
Insight, Lilakk, Redeye, Killfloor, Obvious Liars-
Toxic Oscar, Hitman –
Coach’s Corner ($10)

6/27 Sunday
Plant Riverside (1-4p)
Eric Britt-
DeSoto (5p)

Tues –
Culberson Open Jam –

Wed –
Eric Culberson Band –
Open Mic –

Thursday –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo –
New Realm Brewery (6p)
Tommy Holland Open Mic –
Coach’s Corner

Sun –
Voodoo Soup –
Congress Street Social Club